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Hi! I'm Cassie, a queer thirty something Sydneysider who likes to think too much, read too much, talk too much, and collect way too many pretty things.

I'm enormously nerdy by nature - sci-fi, roleplaying, video games, comics, the whole deal. My nerdiness largely manifests as an obsessive need to research the crap out of anything I become interested in, which has resulted in me amassing an enormous amount of totally useless information on a ridiculously wide variety of topics. Want to know about wolf symbolism in Croatian folklore? I can tell you! Want to know how to get the edges of your nail polish all crisp and perfect? I can tell you that too! Want to know more about sex positive, pro-sex worker, intersectional feminism? Hoo BOY can I tell you about that! I could tell you about THAT all damn day!

A little while ago I started applying my research fetish to an exploration of femme concepts, beauty products, feminism, and how they intersect with my understanding of myself as a queer, poly, cisgender woman. This blog will hopefully serve as a record of my discoveries, in which I will show you pretty things, think about complicated things, and sometimes talk quite seriously. I live for comments, so if you're reading by all means speak up! Even if you're telling me I'm full of crap, I'm always glad to hear from anyone.

I'm always happy to review products (particularly indie products), and items sent for review will be judged on their own merit. I love free stuff as much as the next blogger, but I'm not going to say I liked something if I didn't just because it was free. I am not, however, interested in sponsored content. Please feel free to contact me for more details. You can email me at thereluctantfemme at gmail dot com.

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