Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Celestial Cosmetics Callisto - Review and Ramblings

I am such a sucker for burgundy at the best of times, but when I saw Celestial Cosmetics had put out a deep rich berry burgundy with their trademark holo fire, I knew I had to have it. And I was not disappointed!

Just look at this beautiful thing! These swatches were just two easy coats as well, giving this polish real bang for your buck.

Even inside the lightbox, the ridiculously strong holo fire still burns bright.

In keeping with Celestial Cosmetics astronomical theme, this polish is named for the fourth moon of Jupiter, which was in turn named for the mythological nymph Callisto, - guess which one I wanna talk about today?

Callisto was a follower of Artemis, and as such had declared she would forever stay a virgin. The followers of Artemis, and indeed Artemis herself weren't too hot on men in general, so pledging to stay away from them was a way for Callisto to show her devotion to her goddess.

No Boys Club
However, Zeus is in this story, so if you've ever read a Greek myth you'll know where this is going - that's right, Zeus rocked up and raped Callisto because she said she'd never be with a man.

Afterwards Zeus's wife Hera found out (as she always did) and lost her shit (as she always did). Unfortunately, she never seemed to lose her shit at Zeus, who I feel really deserved at least a serious talking to. Instead, she directed her wrath at poor Callisto. What happened next is quite different in different versions of the story. Some early versions have Hera bullying Artemis into just straight up killing Callisto, but later versions have Callisto being turned into a bear either before or after giving birth the Zeus's love child.  Some version have Callisto being turned into a bear after giving birth,  then roaming around the woods doing bear stuff until her son comes back to the woods all grown up and nearly kills her. In all versions, Callisto gets the rough end of a very shitty stick.

Sadly, NONE of these storylines were used when the TV show Xena decided to introduce a character named Callisto. It's not like turning a character into a bear would have made the show any more bizarre and silly than it already was. Seriously, according to the Wiki, over the course of the show Callisto "died twice at the hands of Xena and was sent to TartarusHell and Heaven. She has been a mortal, an immortal, due to the golden apples, as well as a Deity, due to Ambrosia. After final death, she was sent to Hell and became a Demon and later an Arch Demon. She was then sent to Heaven by Xena and became an Angel, before reincarnating into Eve, Xena's daughter, who would later become the bringer of Twilight and peace." But no bears. RIPPED OFF. 

Celestial Cosmetics is currently out of stock of Callisto, but you can still pick it up from Femme Fatale Cosmetics, and Edgy Polish.

P.S If you have a minute, I'd love to hear what you think of my little Etsy endeavor via a short survey I'm currently running. It doesn't matter if you've bought from me or not, I want to hear from everyone!


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