Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Infinite Fance - Fancy Lady Industries Review

I've been a fan of Fancy Lady Industries since I first saw their delightful plastic necklaces that said simply "Fat" in the frilliest, fanciest lettering.

The brainchild of Natalie Perkins, Fancy Lady Industries is all about combining hard femme with unashamedly fat, and that's an aesthetic I'm totally happy to get behind. While the "fat" necklaces are sadly no longer available, there is still plenty at Fancy Lady Industries to catch a wandering eye.

They recently had a start of year sale, so I couldn't resist making a wee purchase. I've largely stopped buying jewellery since I started making my own, but something about the crystal rock pendants just called to me.

It arrived beautifully packaged, but since it arrived just as I was going out for my birthday I tore all the packaging off in my hurry to add it to my birthday outfit.

Aside from punk rock crystal powa necklaces, Fancy Lady Industries have a wide variety of constantly changing accessories.

They even have embroidery patterns, for those of you who like to get your embroider on!


I'll definitely be heading back to Fancy Lady Industries once I have a bit more spare cash, to pick up one of these bad boys!


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