Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Blogger Confessions

I recently started trawling the interwebs for bloggers who write about nerdy fashion, in order to get some ideas on how to promote my jewellery. Among a veritable treasure trove of awesome people, I came across The Nerdy Girlie, a very fun US blogger. She started a fun little game where she encouraged bloggers to make a confession post, and I figured I might as well join in. To be honest, there's not a lot I hold back from you guys, but I managed to come up with a few things that might count as Blogger Confessions of note.

Confession One - I don't think of myself as a Blogger

I know this is a completely ridiculous one. I have three blogs of my own, a regular slot at Already Pretty, and I've contributed at Kiki and Tea, XO Jane, The Closet Feminist, and The Lacquerheads of Oz. I am someone who blogs - a lot. I've even been paid for it! But I still can't wrap my head around the idea of me as a Real Blogger. The Nerdy Girlie, Lab Muffin, More Nail Polish, these are REAL bloggers. I'm just a kid in my mum's shoes who clomps around the house pretending to be a Serious Business Lady sometimes. If someone asks what I do I always answer "Administration", because that's my Real Job, even thought I actually spend far more hours of my life blogging.

Confession Two - I'm incapable of sticking to a schedule

I see all these other bloggers showing off their elaborate post timetables, and I feel SO disorganised. I have a running list of ideas I want to write up (more than I could ever possibly write), and reviews I've promised, but I never seem to be able to stick to it. An idea pops into my head, and suddenly I NEED to write it RIGHT now, and everything else can wait. I always get my review posts up in a timely manner - but sometimes other things get shuffled, and shuffled, and shuffled again in favour of newer, shinier ideas. This post is actually an excellent example of my inability to stick to a schedule. I MEANT to spend this week doing a post recapping Oz ComicCon, but this post jumped the queue.

Confession Three - I need to get WAY better at saying no

I was so relieved to see this exact same confession over at Distracted Blogger!  Because I don't think a lot of my own work, I'm always SO excited when someone asks me to do something I feel like an idiot saying no. Opportunities! So many opportunities! Maybe I'll never ever get another one and if I turn this one thing down my entire blogging platform will burn to the ground!? What if I turn this thing down and no one ever asks me for anything ever again and all my effort up until now has been wasted??!!

I'm getting better at this - I said no to two things just this week. But I need to get better. There have been too many times I've said yes to everything and found myself a hysterical mess trying not to let anyone down. I have to get better at realising the world won't end if I simply can't come through on something I promised, and setting up realistic goals in the first place.

Confession Four - I'm awful at reading other blogs

I have a huge blog roll of talented, awesome, fantastic bloggers - that I hardly ever read. I love the idea of supporting other bloggers and paying back all the love and support I get, but I somehow never quite get there. I'm hoping to get better at this once I'm not working full time, but at the moment I am just THE WORST blog reader. I AM however excellent at reading Twitter - anything posted to Twitter gets read right away, but otherwise...I'm sorry, it's really not you, it's absolutely me. 

Confession Five - I totally blog at my day job

I've seen a lot of bloggers who are very proud of the fact they never blog at work, and I admire their ability to resist temptation. But I also think their jobs must be WAY more challenging than mine. Personally, I think I'd lose it if I DIDN'T blog at work in between the tedious things that need to be done. Administration pays the bills, but it really can wither the soul.

If you're interested in reading other Blogger Confessions, there is a whole bunch of them over at the G+ Female Geek Bloggers group!


  1. Nice to see another "day job" blogger! LOL

    1. Absolutely! I have no idea how other bloggers get stuff done outside of working hours :)

  2. Nice list! Schedules to me seem like a marketing ploy that came out of nowhere for bloggers. I've never been able to stick to one either but I often feel like I should. Life changes so much week to week, especially with day jobs or school. I don't think anyone should feel bad or disorganized about that one. :)

    1. I can definitely see the use for people who are juggling different commitments, like sponsored posts, review posts, and their own personal ideas. But for me, I write what I want with the occasional review of samples, so it's not really a big deal if I shuffle things around.

  3. Great list! I relate to this list all too well--especially the saying no bit. Also, the more I read these, the more I become convinced that schedule bloggers are definitely the exception, not the rule! :)

  4. I would have to agree with ALL OF THESE.

  5. I'm 100% with you on saying no... I'm still a teeny tiny blogger so every opportunity seems larger than it really is.


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