Sunday, April 13, 2014

Powder Perfect Euphoria Collection Review and Swatches

I know my blog has been pretty heavy on the Powder Perfect coverage recently, but honestly, they are just bringing out SO MANY gorgeous polishes I'd feel bad not covering as many of them as I could. For such a new label, their polishes are improving in leaps and bounds, becoming ever more complex and rich with each release, and the Euphoria collection is no exception.

This is a small collection of four jelly micro glitter polishes, but they all bring something amazing (and stupidly sparkly) to the table.

First up is Bliss, which was created in close collaboration with well known Australian Instagrammer @strawbrie. Her deep seated obsession with all things pink, sparkly, and unicorn related is summed up remarkably by this bright fuschia polish, and it's an absolute must for the pink loving femme in your life.

All the polishes in this collection are absolutely packed wall to wall with glitter, but are still remarkably easy to apply. This was two thin coats with two coats of topcoat, just to even it all out, and this collection would be a good alternative for people who love the shiny, but have difficulty making larger glitters sit flat.

While I'm not what you'd call a fan of pink, I have to give mad props to Powder Perfect for making such an interesting, rich pink polish that even I have to admit it's gorgeous. While I'll probably never wear it again myself, it makes a stunning background for my Mean Girls pendants.

One from this collection that I WILL wear again, possibly over and over until I scrape the last drop from the bottle, is the AMAZING Exhilaration. It's a deep purple base filled with purple and holo microglitter, and it's absolutely breathtaking.

I just...I don't even have the words, honestly. I have loved a lot of glitter polishes, but I think this might possibly be my new favourite. It's also so dense it only needs one coat - maybe two if you do them very thin, but you can absolutely get away with one.

Next up is Elation, a beautiful ocean blue base filled with an assortment of teal and blue glitters. This polish really reminds me of splashing around on the beach as a kid, and how astonishingly beautiful the water always looked sparkling in the sun.

This one is a little thinner than the others - you will definitely need two coats, or undies if you really only have time for one coat. It does look best layered with itself though - I think undies would really detract from the careful glitter composition.

Finally, we have a pastel blue beauty called Delight. The formula on this one is more similar to Exhiliration - you can probably get away with one coat, or two two thin coats. The colour is just lovely, and as with all the others the glitter mix is complex and rich enough that there's always something new to see in it depending on the light and angles.

The great thing about the variety of glitters used in this collection is that they sparkle under even the merest suggestion of light. A lot of glitters really need to be out in the sun to be their best, but these pick up every little bit of light, paint it in rainbows, and spit it back again.

The Euphoria collection is available now within Australia from the Powder Perfect website, and internationally from Mei Mei's Sigantures.


  1. Wow. Those polishes have a ton of depth. They are really quite stunning!

  2. These are stunning. Exhilaration especially, but the others are almost as amazing


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