Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day? Bah Humbug!

I hate Valentine's Day.

No, seriously, I'm not saying that to be edgy or cool or grunge era bleak. I just really, honestly don't like it. I still remember my very first proper Valentine's Day, way back when I was just a wee fledgeling Cassie. I celebrated by dumping my very first boyfriend. Well, rather, I asked my best friend to dump him for me. You see, we'd been dating for a few weeks, and I got word through the grapevine that he was planning on trying to get me to kiss him for the first time by showering me in teddies and hearts and general smooshiness. I was NOT down for any part of this plan, so I dumped him without explaination.

Teenage girls can be AWFUL.

Fast forward to now, and while I'm slightly less vicious to my boyfriend, I'm still not a big fan of Valentine's Day. Every year, we have the same stupid conversation. He asks what I want to do for Valentine's Day, I flail around and whine and complain that I hate it, and it's stupid, and do we have to. Then he does this damn puppy dog face at me that just KILLS me, and says he really wants to do something, so I relent and say I'll go along with whatever, so long as he plans it.

Middle aged girls can be pretty awful as well.

There's just something about the sense of obligation and pressure and normalcy around Valentine's Day that I find really icky. I'm rolling along, having a perfectly happy, perfectly weird relationship, then all of a sudden there's all this pressure to be all excited over hearts and roses and sickly sweet perfumes. Considering I don't actually like any of these things at the best of times (especially roses), the expectation that for one day I year I'll just drop all the interesting, cool parts of my relationship to be totally normal and heteronormative and like I'm off the back of an inflight magazine annoys the crap out of me.

Traditional romance is always so impractical. I look at this and think, "Who's going to clean all that up?"

But enough griping. I might not like Valentine's Day, but you know what I DO like?


While I love ALL kinds of presents, I especially love presents that have no particular function other than to make me happy. And even more than presents for me, I love presents FROM me. There's something delightfully decadent and delicious about getting yourself something lovely, just because you want it. Perhaps that's part of what I hate about Valentine's Day - there's so much focus put on getting and giving presents to others that the delight of treating yourself seems overshadowed, and I think that's rubbish. The idea that a present is only worth something if someone else gives it to you annoys the crap out of me. No one knows what I like better than me, so why not treat myself?

Donna from Parks and Recreation is my hero in so many ways.

Some people have a hard time overcoming this idea that presents for yourself are somehow less than presents from someone else, and that makes me sad. Lucky for you guys I have a TON of presents to give out, that are specifically intended for you all to pamper yourselves - whether someone else wants to pamper you as well or not. 

The good people at Palmolive have given me 15 prize packs, which are unfortunately pink themed, but that are also jam packed full of delicious self pampering supplies.

Each pack has a bottle of Ayurituel Shower Gel and Strawberry Smoother Body Butter, both of which smell AMAZING. The Strawberry Smoother smells just like strawberry lollies, as you would expect, whereas the shower gel is a little bit more grown up with Indian Mulberry and Lotus Flower fragrances.

You'll ALSO get a matching set of Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture shampoo and conditioner, to make sure every little bit of you gets lathered up with luscious bubbles.

To get your grubby paws on one of these delightful packs, all you have to do is use the Rafflecopter thingamabob below and put your name in the hat!

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  1. I love to buy myself nail polish and Invcoco design strips. My favorite flowers are roses. My grandpa and I used to grow them together.

  2. As I was freezing last V-day, I decided what I wanted for my next year's gift to myself. It was very-very practical and un-glamorous, saving money for 1 year to spend on extra heating. Yes, extra heating, and that means 2 degrees up (22C from 20C).
    I was more careful on stress-hauling, I had the most wonderful winter and I plan to continue another year.

  3. I love to buy myself Lush bath bombs and face masks - need some quality me time occasionally (well often haha). Also, I like Valentine's as it's an excuse to get presents and spoil each other, but it is too commercialised!

    Tara xox

  4. I don't know why people think treating themselves is less valid than treating someone else. While I LOVE to buy presents for those I love, and Valentine's Day is no exception, I also like to spoil myself with a treat when I've had a rough day, or you know, if it's Tuesday and I feel like I deserve something nice.

  5. I have always liked valentines day because I enjoy any excuse to be over the top about my affection. But I can understand how to some people it may feel forced. As for buying myself gifts or treating myself, I do it but often feel guilty, so I should probably work on that.

  6. Ooops that previous anonymous comment was from Jess xoxo

  7. I think my favourite part of that post was the story about you dumping your first boyfriend because you didn't want to kiss him. :) It's hilarious! While I don't hate Valentines Day, I too don't like all the pressure to 'find and valentine' and stuff... I reckon Valentines Day ought to be about celebrating love in general, not just romantic love.


    1. I enjoyed sitting in the library and discussing Tolkien with him just fine, but boys still seemed kind of gross to me at that stage. I was kind of a late bloomer :)

  8. I also hate the emphasis on ditching what makes your relationship unique and just focusing on heart chocolate and flowers and everything for Valentines day (although chocolate is a pretty important part of my relationship anyway. Not really my relationship, I guess, but more... my life in general.) I'm lucky that my boyfriend is either clever enough to not be swept up my society's norms, or too oblivious to notice that he's supposed to be, so he usually gives me a video game or some other nice thing that I will enjoy much more.

    In terms of gifting to myself... I have no problems with treating myself. Cosmetics and nail polish are obvious choices. Last night I bought myself a tub of bocconcini cheese, just because.

  9. Ah Valentine's Day. Every year promises to be different, but every year ends up as unromantic as the last... well, maybe not last year which takes the cake in total anti-romantic -- we were at a conference (his) and the conference dinner was on Valentine's Day... and he gave a talk in the morning so he was super-psycho busy up until the last minute and had no CLUE it was Valentine's day even though i told him... conference dinner: good for his networking, not good for romance.

    That said, we are still married. And have been for 20 years. Valentine's Day or not. This year he wanted to give my a bouquet of plush kittens -- YES, there was such a thing on sale at but by the time we got settled into our sabbatical home and returned the rental car, they were completely sold out. But at least this year there is no conference and we will go out to dinner with just the two of us and not 150 of his best scientific buddies...

    I like to treat myself to skincare products, especially if they are locally made and smell yummy! Right now I am digging Honey Girl Organics made in Hawaii. But if someone gave me a gift certificate to Lush, I could definitely find a *lot* of things to make me happy!

    1. I went and googled the bouquet of kittens, and now I know exactly what I want for V Day next year :D

      And dinner alone sounds much more romantic than a scientific conference, no matter how much you dig science.

  10. I don't get to treat myself often, but I do love a good pampering session! A bubble bath with a good book and some lovely candles. I really like candles that smell like herbs or plants - if I can find a candle, lotion or soap that smells like grass, I couldn't be happier!

  11. Usually a book, or a brightly coloured nail polish. I love both equally :)

  12. I love treating myself to an occasional binge on chips and fries.. they're my favourite junk food! And because I generally eat healthily, it's guilt-free :D

  13. I love to gift myself nail polish. Even more though, I love to buy polish for friends, they are perfect little gems of a gift.


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