Friday, December 6, 2013

Furless Cosmetics: Chrome Polish Review

I first came across Furless Cosmetics while eyeballing their delightful range of brushes, but I `noticed recently they've added a range of cruelty-free, Big 3 Free polishes. The colours they had were nice, but mostly a bit plain for my taste - however, when they offered me the chance to road test their new chrome collection, I was delighted! You all know how I love the shiny!

The thing that jumped out at me about these polishes right out of the box is the stunning bottles they come in - and these aren't just for the chrome collection, all their polishes come in these beautiful bottles.

L-R, this is Polished and Actress

L-R this is Chic, Superstar, and Filthy Rich
It's true that presentation isn't everything, but these are just stunning. The heavy glass and chrome lids make them feel much more luxurious than their actual price would suggest, and the bottle is delightfully difficult to knock over - anyone who's accidentally nudged a bottle over on their coffee table will no doubt agree with me that this is an enormous plus.

So I didn't end up making an incredibly long post of very repetitive pictures, I decided to do two tape manicures with these colours. I wasn't sure if it would work, because doing nail art that requires tape also usually requires a polish that will be opaque in one, MAYBE two coats, and the chromes I've tried from other brands have been on the thin side. These, however, were no problem at all. I used two coats of Polished, the bronze, because I found it a tiny bit patchy, but to be honest if you were careful you could do one coat of all the others.

Polished and Actress in the wild, artificial light

If you're not familiar with this technique - it's SUPER easy. All you need to do is paint on your base color, in this case Polished. You can either wait for it to get totally, super duper dry, or emulate my laziness and throw a coat of fast dry topcoat over it and wait about ten minutes. Once it's dry, carefully place a piece of masking tape across the nail where you want the stripe to be, and paint the top half with your other color - in this case, the lovely gold chrome Actress. Take the tape off again right away with tweezers, and throw some topcoat over it before you smudge it. See, easy peasy!

For the silver half of this collection I got way fancy and did THREE stripes of colour.

This is Chic closest to the cuticle, Filthy Rich in the middle, and Superstar across the tips

Look at that shine in the sun!

I found these polishes very easy to work with overall. I did get a tiny bit of streakiness with Chic, but that might have been due to my lack of experience with chromes in general. Filthy Rich, the bright silver, is however completely amazing. I looove silver polishes, and this one is the first I've seen in a long time that's shiny enough for my mapgie taste. If you can only get one of these, I would absolutely recommend Filthy Rich.

These cruelty free, beautiful polishes are available from the Furless Cosmetics site, where they also have a wide array of cosmetics brushes for sale. All their brushes are animal fur free (hence the name), and the blending brush they included in this package for me is just awesome. But I have a post all about that coming up soon!

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  1. Why do you do this to me?

    That's it; I'm moving to Australia. For the pretties.

  2. Filthy Rich makes me want to move chromewards!? I had a polish similar to Superstar in highschool, inspired by Courtney Love's silver claws at the Oscars in 1997.


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