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Rocky Horror Nail Show Part 2 - Loki's Lacquer Science Fiction Double Feature Collection

Welcome to the second installment of my little fanfest dedicated to Rocky Horror and Loki's Lacquer!
Here are the three polishes we'll be looking at in between my rambling reminiscing.

From left to right, we have 274306 (cookies for anyone who knows this reference off the top of their head), Even Smiling Makes My Face Ache, and Say Hello to Oblivion.

274306 is an absolutely STUNNING polish. It's holo as all getout, and there is also a subtle pink to green duochrome that makes it absolutely fascinating in any light.

My eyes! Ze goggles, zey do nossink! LOVE IT.
274306 is pigmented enough to cover in two coats, but I layered it over a dark blue just to give the sparkles a little bit of extra kick.

The duochrome was a beeeatch to capture - this was the best I could do, but it's much more prevalent n real life.

For those of you who AREN'T Rocky Horror obsessives, 274306 is the prisoner number listed on Eddie's mugshot that's on screen for maybe, ten seconds. 

I checked while taking this screencap, it's actually on screen for five seconds tops.
I don't know if I'm proud or embarrassed that as soon as Tara told me what this one was called, I squealed just like Columbia.

Eddie was kind of an odd part in the callback cast I was a part of if you haven't seen the movie, he actually only has one scene, which is kind of...awkward. Sometimes there was one person who got allocated both Eddie AND Doctor Scott later on, and I remember one amazing show where we managed to wrangle an actual motorbike from somewhere and talk the cinema staff into letting us take it on stage for Eddie to make his big entrance. But sometimes there wasn't a dedicated Eddie as such. Aside from the main cast, there was a big bunch of extras, more or less, who were known as Transylvanians. We dressed like the guests at the Time Warp party, in hideous suits and bow ties and sometimes party hats, and more or less acted as the Greek Chorus for the show. For small parts like Eddie, sometimes one of us would take up just that little bit, and then go back to chorusing when the one scene was done.  At these shows, we would grab a member of the audience to play Doctor Scott, because it largely involved being wheeled around in a wheelchair.

At the stage in my life when I was in Rocky Horror, I was also dating a lot. I was very young, and had just discovered that Boys Liked Me, and this was absolutely thrilling, so I went through a phase where I went through boyfriends more often than clean socks. As you can imagine, trying to screen all these people for potential douchiness got pretty exhausting, but I discovered a shortcut! Taking them along to a show, handing them over to my castmates as a Doctor Scott, and then standing back to see what happened was a really efficient way of sorting the easily offended from the people made of more resilient stuff. I remember one poor boy I took along, who was SUPER conservative. Like, just, bogglingly conservative, and neat, and straight laced. When we had sex, he would stop first to fold our clothes neatly. Seriously. But I REALLY liked him (or at least liked having sex with him) so I took him along, took a deep breath, and told my castmates he was happy to be Doctor Scott for the night.

Now, being Doctor Scott DID usually entail getting some stockings on right at the end - there's pretty much no part in the main cast that doesn't. But my helpful castmates decided to tell my boyfriend that he was ALSO required to strip to his undies, in order to play the part properly. This was not a regular requirement. My castmates thought they were funny, you see. I didn't know what they'd done, until they wheeled him out in the wheelchair, in his fucking undies and NOTHING ELSE, in front of a cinema of over a hundred strangers.

Happily, he was an excellent sport about the whole thing, and while he politely declined to come along to any more shows, he didn't dump me immediately.

ANYWAY, let's go back to the polish, shall we?

Even Smiling Makes My Face Ache is a gorgeous deep purple jelly filled with so many different coloured glass flecks it's almost super saturated, and an entirely fitting tribute to Dr. Frank'n'Furter's most iconic outfit.

I tried this without any undies first, but found it took three coats until I couldn't see any visible nail line, so these pictures are all two coats over a dark purple.

Frankie better werk!
I have a funny story about this particular outfit - when I joined the callback cast we had an excellent seamstress on board, so she had made an exact replica of this gorgeous corset, which whoever was playing Frank would wear with plain black undies. At one stage, there was a guy playing Frank'n'Furter who was very tall, and padded in the groinal area. Like, astonishingly well padded. When he was playing Frank, I noticed the entire front row of the cinema would follow his groin with their eyes, transfixed, as he strutted from one side of the stage to the other, and one night I actually overheard a furtive whispered conversation between two audience members who seemed very keen to find out if his groinal area had been enhanced with socks, or if that really was all him. Being the helpful soul I am, I just leaned down in between them and whispered, "Just so you know, there's no socks in there" and wandered off giggling while they tried to sink into their seats from embarrassment.

The last polish for today is Say Hello To Oblivion, inspired by a truly magnificent outfit worn by the world's worst butler Riff Raff right at the end of the movie when *spoiler alert* he turns out to have been evil all along. It's a black jelly base filled with bronzed gold sparkles, and while the colour isn't really my thing, it is a PERFECT match for Riff Raff's outfit.

These photos are all two coats over black, although to be honest this is so glitter packed you could probably get away with just one coat over black.

Our amazing seamstress also made our cast perfect replicas of these costumes. She was AMAZING.
Next time I'll show you the last two polishes in this collection, and tell you about my exciting adventures with the Parisian Rocky Horror Audience participation cast!

Science Fiction Double Feature Collection are available now from the Loki's Lacquer Etsy store. International shipping is available on request. 


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