Monday, October 7, 2013

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Presents: Aussie Indie Emporium

I've blogged here before about how awesome the Femme Fatale brand polishes themselves are, and also about the fantastic overseas indies they're now stocking. But did you know they're also stocking a wide range of our lovely Aussie indie polishes as well?

This might seem kind of redundant, until you take a look at just how much postage costs even with Australia. Australia Post, kind and generous souls that they are, charge a minimum of $7 per parcel, which doesn't seem like much until you start ordering from a couple of places at once. I, for example, being the Aussie indie junkie that I am, will often order from three different brands. I only pay 7-8 dollars postage to each one, but it adds up to nearly $25 all up just to get the damn polish to me. Femme Fatale, however, have come up with a solution to this annoying conundrum, by stocking a huge variety of popular Aussie indies all in the one place. This means you can throw them in with all the other lovelies from Femme Fatale, without incurring a chunk of postage for every bottle. I think it's a brilliant idea, and Femme Fatale were kind enough to provide me with some sample of the Aussie indies they're currently stocking.

First up is Peppermint Patty from Love Thy Polish, a brand I've raved about here a couple of times before. This one is a little tricky to photograph because it's very pale, but in person it's really lovely. Very subtle, but surprisingly complex when you really look at it.

These photos are both two coats alone, with topcoat. I tried to capture the little minty green irridescent glitters that I think really make this come alive, but sadly I do not have the required skills.

Secondly we have Tranquillity from Alanna Renee, the very first Australian indie brand I bought from! Man, that feels like a million years ago, which is kind of embarrassing considering it was less than a year. ANYWAY, Tranquillity is from her first collection, and since it was released I've been eyeballing it, and considering, and always deciding I probably don't really NEED another teal.

I'm kind of an idiot sometimes.

Ugh. It's just so pretty it almost HURTS. These are all two coats without undies too, so it's not only gorgeous it's SO easy to apply.

You can pick up Peppermint Patty or Tranquillity from Femme Fatale Cosmetics, who not only do very reasonable national shipping, they are also now shipping polish internationally!!

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