Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Antipodean Beauties - No Makeup Makeup

 Good lord, two AB posts in a row! What IS the world coming to? It's actually because my last one was extremely late, and this one is more or less on time, so there isn't likely to be another until next Monday.

This week's theme was "No Makeup Makeup", and I considered being a smarty pants and putting up a photo with no makeup on at all, and try and convince you that I was wearing some complex "au naturale" regime. But for ONCE, I decided not to be sarcastic and actually do the theme as intended, mostly because I have a really lovely lipstick I want to show you that totally suits the theme.

I got tipped off to the existence of Powder Perfect Cosmetics quite recently, and being as they are an indie Australian company that sells pretty things, a sale was more or less guaranteed. You might be shocked to learn I only ordered ONE nail polish from them (which I'll be reviewing soon), because I was mostly fascinated by their lipsticks. I've been looking for the perfect nude lipstick FOREVER: while I love brightly coloured lipstick, I've never been able to get the hang of actually keeping it on my lips, and half worn off lipstick looks WAY worse than no lipstick at all. So I wanted something nice and simple, that added enough to my lips that is was worth wearing, but not so much that it would be really obvious when I chewed it off.

After hemming and hawwing for a while, I decided to take a stab and ordered Sunday Morning - not only is it a lovely shade, it's also named after one of my favourite No Doubt songs. Clearly, this was a sign. It's also apparently organic AND vegan, which makes it a bit more exciting in my books. While I'm happy to glue whatever to my eyelids, I'm actually surprisingly picky about what goes on my lips. It just seems...sensible not to surround the hole you use to eat with potentially toxic chemicals.

Before I show you what it looks like on, I just want to take a moment to show you the beautiful packaging it came in is. I'll admit, I was a bit hesitant to spend $18 on a handmade lipstick, when I had no idea what the quality was going to be like. But as soon as I pulled out the beautiful box, I knew it was going to be worth every cent.

Sunday Morning is absolutely the PERFECT nude shade for my lips. Not too pink, not too shimmery, it just makes my lips look a little bit nicer. The texture is also just delicious - I'm going to go ahead and guess this is from the enormous amount of lovely organic ingredients in it, and distinct lack of chemical additives.

Bare lips, to show contrast

Pretty pink (but not too pink) lips.

Unfortunately, the wear time isn't amazing. But the colour matches so perfectly that it isn't that obvious when it wears off, and the texture is pleasant enough that it's a joy to put it back on.

To go with my uncharacteristically low key lipstick, I put together a little brown/nudeish eye, so as to not unbalance the look. I used Femme Fatale Cosmetics Lady of The Red in the crease, then brushed Otta Benga from Eccentric Cosmetics across the lid.

I finished it off with Femme Fatale Cosmetics Mystic Tome on the inner corners, just to lighten it up a bit. Mystic Tome is a really interesting colour - when I first opened the tub I thought it looked rather too pink to suit me, but on the eye it has a real coppery sheen to it, like a penny. It's surprisingly flattering to my skin tone, despite how much I normally steer clear of both pink and copper.

And here it is all together! As usual, you'll have to forgive the slightly distracted look on my face while I try to angle my chin in the "perfect" way.

You can check out the rest of the Powder Perfect range at their Etsy store, and Eccentric Cosmetics have their ever expanding range of eyeshadows available from their Etsy store. Femme Fatale Cosmetics are available from their veritable Emporium of Wonder.


  1. Yay bare lips picture!

    In relation to lipsticks I've been getting very excited about bold lipsticks recently. However, prior to this I've found the revlon balm/stain thingos really good, as they wear off really evenly, and mostly feel like lip balm. Not sure if you've tried those.

    The lipstick you got is lovely, though! Shame about the wear time.

    1. haha, the no-lipstick shot was just for you m'dear :)
      I've tried the Revlon lipstains before, and I do like them quite a lot. Unfortunately I couldn't find one in the right colour to be "nude" on me, although I do have two of the darker colours and use them quite a lot.

      It's not so much a non-toxic requirement, as just a preference. If a lipstick full of chemicals, and one without many will do the same thing for the same price, I would PREFER to get the non toxic one. But if a totally artificial one is way better, I will totally get that one.

  2. Hmmm... I just realised I haven't the faintest idea what the revlons contain, so can't guarantee they'd pass your non-toxic test.

  3. I love the lippie, such a gorgeous soft subtle pink!

  4. Oooh, I do like that packaging! That lippy looks great on you.

    Karen Murrell does some great lipsticks that might be up your alley.


  5. As soon as I read this I went to check out the lipsticks... wishlist made! Looks great lovely :)


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