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Playing To Win - Game of Thrones Collection from Loki's Lacquer

Welcome to my very last LAST post in what turned out to be a fortnight of Geek!

Thanks to all the less geeky readers who have hung around anyway while I geeked out all over the place! I hope you still had a good time looking at all the pretty pictures, even if the text was gibberish. Today's post will unfortunately probably still be gibberish to those who don't watch Game of Thrones - but I promise lots of pictures to make up for it!

As you may have guessed, I'm a huge fan of the Game of Thrones show, and honestly, I'm a little lost now waiting what seems like an eternity for the next season. Luckily, Loki's Lacquer have released an amazing collection of eight indie polishes inspired by Game of Thrones to help tide us over, and they were kind enough to give me four to show you all. I'm going to try and keep the explanations of context to a minimum, just so I don't COMPLETELY alienate all my non-geeky readers. If you're into Game of Thrones, you'll already know about House Baratheon and the rest, and if you're not, I'm sure you don't really care to know the details.

First up is Ours Is The Fury, inspired by House Baratheon. It's a bright yellow crelly (creamy polish with glitters in it) full of large black hexes, itty bitty black and red hexes, and a handful of red squares and gold micro glitter thrown in for good measure. Like pretty much every Loki's Lacquer I've ever tried, the formula is great - no fishing for the good bits required, it self levels really nicely, and the colour is actually quite opaque in only three coats, which I wasn't expecting for such a bright colour.

Unfortunately, I just don't dig yellow - I tried warming this one up by layering it over orange (the first and second nails) but it still just doesn't do it for me. I know that there are a bunch of people out there who DO like yellow, the brighter the better, and if you're one of them, then this polish is for you.

Loki's Lacquer Ours Is The Fury

Loki's Lacquer Ours Is The Fury

Halfman, on the other hand, it totally my bag in every way possible. It's inspired by Tyrion Lannister, who is my favourite male character in the entire cast - which is saying a lot considering how large the cast is.

Tyrion's polish is a deep burgundy jelly, with lots of large gold, irridescent glitters that glint through the base colour beautifully. There are also black hexes and a smattering of gold micro glitter, but it's the big fat gold hexes I like the most.

Loki's Lacquer Halfman
 These photos are two coats over the burgundy creme polish I'm holding, but Halfman is opaque in three coats if you're careful.
Loki's Lacquer Halfman
I actually managed to get not one, but TWO photos in SUNLIGHT yesterday! Hallelujah, praise Breezus!
Loki's Lacquer Halfman

This next polish I'm still undecided about - it's called Fire and Ice, and is inspired by the tumultuous relationship between Jon Snow and his no-nonsense girlfriend Ygritte.

It's a clear based glitter topper - a very unusual choice for Loki's Lacquer. As you might expect, it's full of blue and red glitters of many different sizes and shapes. There are even some sneaky little bar glitters in there, that I totally missed while putting it on and only noticed this morning. I put two coats over a plain navy creme.

The formula on this is great - there is tons of glitter in it, and the variety of sizes and shapes makes it a really interesting, sparkly polish. But there's something about the colours that doesn't seem to quite come together for me - I think perhaps some of the red glitters are too orange to really match the blue, or something equally nitpicky. It pretty much comes down to the same issue I have with Ours Is The Fury - there's nothing inherently wrong with the polish, the colours just aren't really my bag.

To finish on a completely positive note, here is my absolute favourite out of the collection - Sword in the Darkness, inspired by the vows taken when men enter the Night's Watch.

Yes, yes, it's black and silver and I'm COMPLETELY predictable, I know. But I can't help liking what I like. And I LOVE this.

But seriously though, just LOOK at this and tell me you don't love it. The variety of silver sparkles nestled in a black jelly base makes it look so much like snowflakes at night, or stars in a black sky, or all sorts of other romantic and beautiful images.

I managed to get a shot of this in the sun as well!

The complete range of Game of Thrones polishes are being officially launched at the Loki's Lacquer Etsy store today, and as it's an extremely limited edition I highly recommend you get your paws on them ASAP.

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