Monday, July 22, 2013

I Want Candy - Sweet Sugar Polish review

Today will be a total change in tone from last post - I have only pretty things to show you, and happy things to say.

I'm a little bit exhausted from various things in the last week or so, which means the tone around here will probably be a lot lighter for at least the next couple of posts. Apologies if you started following this blog expecting activism all the time - I'd love to write about Big Important Stuff all the time, but I just can't keep it up. And on the same note, thank you to the people who followed me expecting All Pretty Stuff and get slammed in the face with activism every now and then - I really love that you guys deal with me careening back and forth so well. You, my readers, rock my fucking socks, you really do.

ANYWAY, let's get to the pretty things!

I have yet another new Australian indie polish brand to introduce to you today - Sweet Sugar Polish, based in Sydney. As you might have guessed from the name, all their polishes are candy themed and suitably sweetly coloured. I don't even really wear pastel colors very much, but they were just so cute I couldn't resist!

Bubblegum Blue is a perfect pastel blue - bright without being neon, and pastel without being washed out. The colour is broken up with lots of medium matte white hex glitters.

Purpleberry is a little more pink person than these pictures suggest, but still definitely leans towards the purple side. The base is quite opaque, and is broken up with lots of iridescent blue and matte white hexes.

The formula on these two polishes is very similar - they are both relatively thick, and you definitely want to go slowly with them in order to ensure a smooth finish. However, the thickness of the base colour means you don't need undies with either of them, which is a plus in my lazy, lazy books. They also both have very generous servings of glitter, which makes it really easy to get a beautiful result without fishing sound at all.

Grab That Grape is the only polish out of the bunch I bothered using an undercoat with at all, and to be honest, it was probably overkill. Three coats of this alone will do just fine unless you're incredibly picky about visible nail line.

I really love the colour of this - it's the exact shade of purple that reminds me of grape Hubba Bubba and all sorts of other appallingly artificial purple lollies, so it's perfect for this polish. The tiny glitter particles are also a really refreshing change from the larger ones I usually favour. While it isn't quite as sparkly as Pretty Serious Purple Monkey Dishwasher, it does remind me of it quite strongly.

Lastly we have Licorice, which turned out to be pretty much impossible to capture accurately. It's a thick black jelly base, with loads of tiny red and gold glitters in it that give the dark base a beautiful depth in the right light.

After swatching all those I pretty much had candy on the brain, so after stuffing my face full of Gummi Bears, I sat down to work out the sugar rush with some nail art. This is a base of Purpleberry, with various other polishes used for the design.

While none of the polishes Sweet Sugar Polish currently have are anything amazingly complex or groundbreaking, they are a simple product done really well. The fact you can wear a great many of them with no undies is quite unusual for a glittery indie polish, and combined with the low price point, I consider these a real bargain. Having a browse today I noticed they've added some brand new holographic polishes as well, so all you holo fiends should go and check those out too.

You can check out Sweet Sugar Polish at their Etsy store, or on Instagram @sweetsugarpolish


  1. To elaborate I really like the grape one. Also your lollipop nail art is fabulous.

  2. Once I got to Licorice I actually started salivating.


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