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Delicious Delights - Indee Polish Co Review

Today's review subject is two polishes I picked up from brand new indie polish maker, Indee Polish Co. I'd seen some pictures floating around Instagram of late that piqued my interest, and being the dedicated indie supporter I am I made some room in the budget to try them out.

Indee Polish Co have been recruiting a fair few bloggers lately to try and get their name out there a bit more, so I wanted to choose some polishes that didn't already have awesome swatches (I'm not even going to try and compete with Nail Guns XS for attention). This meant I ended up with two that are kind of palette swapped versions of each other - Cerise Clafoutis and True Blue Aussie, both from her Distorted Reflections collection. They're relatively sheer jelly bases in cherry red and primary blue respectively, with lots and lots of holographic sparkle in each.

Indee Polish
I'm sure you can go ahead and guess which is which.

I tried out Cerise Clafoutis first, and these pictures are two coats over one coat of OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress.

Indee Polish Cerise Clafouti

The wear on these is really very good, especially for an indie polish. I kept these on for three days, waiting in vain for some sunshine, but eventually had to give up and change to True Blue. When I took them off, there was no chipping and only very, very minor tip wear - outstanding results for someone who taps their nails on a keyboard all day!

Indee Polish Cerise Clafouti

Fun fact for today - Cerise Clafoutis is actually a rather delicious sounding French dessert, made with custardy flan batter and unpitted cherries. Apparently clafoutis is often made with other fruits like apples or plums, but if it doesn't have cherries in it it's TECHNICALLY a flaugnarde, not clafoutis, because French has a specific word for absolutely freaking EVERYTHING.

Indee Polish Cerise Clafouti
As you can see from the macro, the actual colouring of the base for this polish leans rather heavily towards the more orange end of the red spectrum. Because it's sheer though, it's easy to tone this up or down by choosing different undies to wear with it.

Once I gave up on getting any sunshine shorts of Cerise Clafoutis, it was time to try True Blue Aussie. Predictably, I didn't get any sunshine the entire time I was wearing this either - have I mentioned winter is the absolute WORST time to be a beauty blogger?

Indee Polish True Blue Aussie
I layered True Blue Aussie over a Sinful Colors creme called Why Not, and in hindsight I think it would have looked better over something with a little bit of shimmer in it already. The colour was a perfect match, but it didn't really bring out the sparkle as much as I would have liked.
Indee Polish True Blue Aussie

The formula on this was just as good as Cerise Clafouti - exactly the right consistency, lots of sparkle, and very easy to get it perfectly smooth, which I really dig. The base for this is also quite sheer, so while I imagine you COULD build it up if you really tried, I would recommend a nice shimmery primary blue base instead of going it alone.

Indee Polish True Blue Aussie

Indee Polish Co is the creation of an extremely enterprising Sydney girl named Sandi, who has started her own company before she's even reached sixteen! I was initially blown away when I realised how young she was, and then extremely curious. Thinking back on what I was like at this age, I would never have had the determination or self belief to start my own business - I was far too busy hiding in my room with my nose in a book for any activity that involved so much interaction with the public. So I was interested to find out more about a teenager who is apparently so very different to how I was. Happily, Sandi was willing to answer a few questions for me!

Why did you decide to start your own business?

"I originally decided to start my business because I've always loved nail polish. and I saw all these girls making their own polishes. and I thought "Hey, I can do that!". I was also broke at the time, and it seemed like there was money in it. Hahaha!"

Has it been difficult to establish a business at your age? Have you needed any help?
Being young makes things harder. I have a job so I spent a good 10 weeks pay buying all the products. My parents also gave me some financial help but that was a minority. People tend to have less belief in me because I'm young, but I can do it just as well as anyone else.

Why did you choose an Australian theme for your first collection? Do you think this theme will make it more or less appealing to international customers?
I guess because no one else has done one. I figured international buyers would appreciate something uniquely Australian. My motto is "Always Aussie" - you see, I'm a big believer in Made in Australia, and I thought this would be a good way to embrace my nationality.

Where would you like to see your business in five years?
I'd love to be as big as Femme Fatale Cosmetics. I see so many international girls pining over coveted shades. I would love to have that for my own brand. To have a celebrity wear one of my shades would be one of my biggest dreams.

Tell us a bit about the girl behind the polish - what do you do when you're not tinkering with chemicals and glitter?
I spend most of my days training in gymnastics. I also love swimming, cycling and playing my flute. I am a huge nerd who loves video games - especially Sims- and I LOVE Adventure Time! Lady Rainicorn + Jake the Dog FOREVER!!

Who are your role models?
I inspire myself. I am an individual. Many call me strange, odd and unique. I've never been obsessed with celebrities, so I wouldn't even know who to pick!

If you could make any polish at all, regardless of the laws of physics or chemistry or cost, what would you make?

I would love to make a textured polish that feels soft like a sponge and smells like vanilla, in a gorgeous creamy white. The perfect shade for a wedding :)

If you'd like to get your hands on the creations of this remarkable girl (who assures me she does actually get quite a lot of sleep in between all her endeavours) Indee Polish Co is currently available within Australia from the Etsy store.

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