Wednesday, June 26, 2013

World Falls Down - MckFresh Nail Attire Labyrinth Collection Review

 Welcome to the fourth post in my Week (and a bit) of Geek!

Today I have some delightfully geeky polishes to show you from Australian indie label MckFresh Nail Attire, inspired by the classic movie The Labyrinth. Jennifer Connelly's bookish,shy Sarah gave hope to millions of girls like me that one day we might be rescued from our tedious, ordinary lives and whisked away somewhere magical, where Goblin Kings did contact juggling for our amusement and everything is alive. That's before we even get into the confusing feelings David Bowie's giant codpiece as the sparkly Goblin King gave girls like me, that would take me YEARS to untangle. I STILL have a weakness for contact jugglers and boys with long hair.

This was MckFresh's first major collection and was quite a large debut, with 11 polishes in all; I'm just going to show you three so we're not here all week, but if you'd like to see the rest they are all available at the Etsy store

First up is The Worm, inspired by one of the most memorable characters in the whole movie, even though he only appears for a couple of scenes. His silly little Cockney accent, his ludicrous blue tufts, his teeeeny tiny little scarf  - I love everything about The Worm, and happily I also love this polish.

The Labyrinth The Worm
"Come on in, 'ave a cuppa tea, meet the missus!

McKFresh Nail Attire The Worm Swatch

McKFresh Nail Attire The Worm Swatch

These photos are both two coats of The Worm layered over Loki's Lacquer The Winchester, and I think it's a surprisingly good match. The Worm has a clear base so you will need to layer it, but I think there is a wide variety of colours it would go well over - I'm planning on using this again over a nice deep blue to make the iridescent glitters really pop.

The second polish for today is As The World Falls Down, which I was a little dissapointed with, to be honest. The mix of colours and shapes is beautiful, and perfectly evokes the masquerade scene the name refers to, where Sarah is whirled around an impossibly beautiful ballroom in an achingly beautiful outfit.

Her HAIR! I will NEVER have hair this beautiful.
Unfortunately the formula left me a bit cold. I had to fish around even in a mini bottle, and it took three coats to get enough glitter on for my liking, which is a bit much for a polish that needs undies. I tried dabbing in an effort to get it to sit the way I wanted it to, but ran into the same problem as I had with the original formula of Dead Set Babes where I ended up flooding the whole thing with base for a couple of bits of glitter.

McKFresh Nail Attire As The World Falls Down Swatch

McKFresh Nail Attire As The World Falls Down Swatch

Since I wore this I've spoken to a couple of other people who bought it as well, and they apparently had no problems, so it might have just been a sub par bottle rather than anything wrong with the polish in general. Since it's from the first collection ever from this label, and I bought it quite soon after it was released, some inconsistency is pretty forgivable.

Finally, we have Ludo, a gorgeous chocolate brown jelly that is perfect for all the grey, cold days we've been having lately. I always loved the character of Ludo in the movie - the puppet/costume is just so BIG and beautifully sculpted to be both animalistic and sweet at the same time. His clumsy affection is just the kind of affection I find most endearing - which probably explains some of the men I've dated.

The polish itself I had no problems with at all - you will need to layer it for opacity, but the glitter to base ratio is great, and these pictures are all two easy coats over OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest.

McKFresh Nail Attire Ludo Swatch

McKFresh Nail Attire Ludo Swatch

You can check out the rest of this extensive collection, as well as her new Roller Derby inspired collection at the MckFresh Nail Attire Etsy Store . There is even a special deal on the mini bottles - you can get seven mini polishes for $35 plus postage, which is a pretty darn cost effective way to sample a large chunk of the collection. Which ones catch your eye?


  1. I have a couple of these on my indie polish wishlist! Ludo and the Worm and I think a few others.

  2. Ludooooooooo! Aw I love this movie. Golly, I remember thinking the dress in the ballroom scene was the actual most beautiful dress I had ever seen in my LIFE. 20 years later and woah. Even just the sleeves alone. Woweee.

  3. Shit, I think my partner is a little like Ludo! Big, scruffy and utterly endearing. Also, they really got it right with The Worm polish, those colours are *perfect*

    1. From what I've seen of him, I would definitely call your partner a Ludo. There's such an enormous sense of value with an oversized significant other!

      You're so right about the colours of The Worm - it exactly matches his little scarf and everything!


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