Sunday, June 16, 2013


Today is the day! My blog namesake indie polish The Reluctant Femme has gone on sale today, and these little bottles of magic are selling fast, which makes me so incredibly proud I could just burst. I'm going to go ahead and assume you all want one - I mean, look at this, why wouldn't you?

 But it occurred to me that some of you might not be interested in paying postage for just one bottle of polish. Australia Post is unfortunately appallingly overpriced - within Australia it costs a minimum of $8.00 to move between 1 and 500gm of polish, and internationally you can expect to pay $14 -18. So what do you do? Well, one option is to order more than one polish - my boyfriend has tried to argue that the maths of this logic don't really add up, but he's no fun, so let's just ignore him for the time being, and take a look at some of the other awesome polishes you can add to your order when you hit up Loki's Lacquer for your bottle of The Reluctant Femme.

Loki's Lacquer's most recent big release was a series of Shaun of the Dead themed polishes, called This Is Serious. I only have two of this large collection, but they're both fantastic.

The Winchester is a beautiful soft grey, that is entirely opaque in two coats. It's the absolute perfect slate grey- not too blue, not too brown, and has a fascinating coppery shimmer that I was unfortunately totally unable to capture in photos. It's an amazingly subtle polish for one that's named after both a scungy English pub, and a shotgun. Even though I'm not normally one for pale polishes, I'm really glad I got the full size of this because not only does it look great on it's own, it makes an under coat for other more glittery polishes with a bit of extra flair.

Don't Forget To Kill Phillip is dark green, with lots of green, gold and silver glitters and a sprinkling of holographic microglitter. You will need a polish under this unless you're patient enough for three coats. I've used my trusty Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure under this, but as you can see from the pictures the green is actually quite saturated, so you could use pretty much anything you wanted.

If It Bleeds, Kill It is the a glow in the dark green polish with big neon yellow hexes in it, and it looks amazing over teal or black. It also glows LIKE CRAZY, and the glow lasts for up to 10 hours. This is some Predator themed nail art I did a little while ago with it.

V is a goooorgeous deep red jelly base with tons of tiny black and red hexes plus occasional large black hexes, and is named after the slang for vampire blood in True Blood.This picture is two coats over black.

Allons-y is inspired by David Tennant's portrayal of the Tenth Doctor, and not only is it really pretty, it also makes me super nostalgic for his run on Doctor Who. I just never loved Matt Smith like I loved David Tennant...ANYWAY, the polish itself is fantastic. I swatched this as two coats over a dark navy, but like Don't Forget To Kill Phillip the colour in the base is so saturated you could use any sort of blueish blackish colour underneath. It's got a lovely primary blue shimmer, as well as tons of TARDIS blue glitters of all sizes and a few brown ones to represent the Doctor's suit.

And that's probably enough spamming you all for now. Loki's Lacquer does also have a Game of Thrones themed collection that has just come out for pre-release today, and I will hopefully have some swatches of that to show you real soon, just in case you still don't have enough things to throw in that cart. Happy shopping!


  1. Mmmmm! So gorgeous, especially the dark green Phillip. I wish they shipped to the US!

    1. They do, you just have to send them a message :-)


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