Friday, June 28, 2013

I Still Wish It Was Supanova Every Day - Part 2

Hope you all enjoyed the massive block of photos yesterday! Today I've just got a few more for you - my own cosplay pictures! I further tweaked my classic Catwoman outfit from Melbourne, and found the absolute perfect little ankle boots to complete it - unfortunately, and perhaps inevitably, I didn't actually end up getting any photos of the boots, but trust me, they were perfect.

In case you haven't seen it, this is the Catwoman costume I was going for - with slightly less leg, obviously.

Annoyingly, while a couple of people took my photo I've only been able to find one online, at the Costume Box Facebook page.

If you spot any others on the web, please let me know so I can grab them! Before I got a chance to take any decent pictures of my own the belt of my costume fell apart, so I had to do my little improptu shoot without it. As usual, Mr. Reluctant Femme did a great job of bringing out the best of my very poor modelling skills.

The mask is actually from a horrendous movie Catwoman costume set I picked up online. Purple fabric paint, some scissors, and it's good to go!

I was so enormously proud of these nails.

Sexy? Awkward? Either way, it's a full body shot so that's something.

The Doctor should know better than to let a catburglar near the TARDIS.
And these are a couple of shots I got where you can see my makeup and nails properly. For the eyes I used Geek Chic Cosmetics Guiding Star in the crease, Femme Fatale loose eyeshadow in The Nightmare on the lids, and dabbed some Pretty Serious CGA on the inner corners to make it sparkle. The lipstick is some random L'oreal red I picked up from a bargain bin somewhere.

For my nails I actually went to the effort of filing them to stilletto points - I don't think anyone but me actually noticed, but it felt appropriate. The polish is Pretty Serious Purple Monkey Dishwasher

And thus endeth my missive on Supanova Sydney 2013! This is Mr. Reluctant Femme and I by the end of the weekend, and I'm sure you feel much the same after these two days of picture spam.

 Stay tuned for an extra special finale on Sunday of my Week (and a bit) of Geek!


  1. Costume looks great and make up and nails are soooo fab! Next time take a photo BEFORE you leave the house (ie before parts of costume fall apart) and note: full body shot means head to toe = including shoes!!

    1. Hahah! Yes MUM, I'll be sure to do that :P I was actually planning on getting it out again this weekend for just that purpose, assuming the sun ever comes back.

    2. Good girl, and make sure you always have a handkerchief with you! I have one of those adorable proud Dads that used to take photos of me randomly before I left to go anywhere. Still does actually. Bless his heart.

  2. i just love that pic of you with the TARDIS!!

  3. you look utterly fabulous as catwoman


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