Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wander the streets of Tokyo with Sayuri Nail Lacquer

As soon as I opened my package from Sayuri, I started kicking myself for not ordering earlier. Sayuri Nail Lacquer launched a couple of months ago, with their inaugural Streets of Tokyo collection inspired by the diversity and creativity of Japanese street fashion. I was fascinated by the idea, but my growing obsession with indies means my To Buy List is forever getting topped up, and somehow this label got lost in the hubbub. Finally I got back around to this little note on my list, and I'm so very glad I did.

Left to right:Mizuiro, Love Sayuri, Fairy Kei

The ones I picked out were Mizuiro and Fairy Kei, both named after specific Japanese styles, and the limited edition Love Sayuri because hell, it's limited edition and it has freaking BUTTERFLIES in it. I might be a rough and tumble sort of femme, but I couldn't go past nail polish with butterflies in it. Sayuri are also offering absolutely adorable paper dolls designed by the amazingly talented Laura Gooding with each of the polishes at the moment, and I am such a sucker for a freebies.

Image courtesy of the Sayuri website

First I'd like to show you Mizuiro, named after a subset of Sweet Lolita based around a blue and white palette. It's not widely known outside Japan, so here is an example.

A fantasy Mizuiro outfit by Neko-vi
So how well does the polish capture this style? I'd say pretty darn well - it's delicate and feminine, a beautiful concoction of blue, grey and white. I've layered it here over a plain navy polish.

Next up is Fairy Kei - you might be more familiar with this style as it has a bit more penetration in Western climes. Fairy Kei is all about soft pastels, layering, and cute cute cute!

Collage of Fairy Kei fashions from Parfait Doll
I think the Sayuri polish captures this style perfectly. I'm surprisingly in love with it, considering it's pink with pastel glitters, but sometimes it's nice to wear something less...aggressive. The tiny blue flakies add a real depth to the sheer shimmer, and there is plenty of glitters to keep it interesting.

Finally, I'm delighted to show you the "signature" polish from this label, Love Sayuri. I had no idea how holographic this was until I got my bottle - the swatches on the site do it NO justice. This one just blows me away. These swatches are layered over a plain lavender polish.

So there you are! Since I am a terrible terrible enabler, I think I should also point out that Sayuri Nail Laquer are not only gorgeous, but are actually having a 20% off sale from now until Mother's Day. Go check it out! If you can only afford one, don't leave without your own Love Sayuri - I've seriously never seen anything like it!

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