Friday, May 10, 2013

I Wanna Do Bad Things With You....Loki's Lacquer and Lilypad Lacquer Review

It seems that there are just too many awesome Australian indie polishes these days to show them to you one at a time - I'd never have time to do anything else, let alone do the job that allows me to buy them. So today I'm doubling up with two True Blood themed polishes; V from Loki's Lacquer, and True Blood from Lilypad Lacquer.

I was a huge fan of this show back when it started. For the first two seasons I was absolutely HOOKED (I'm sure this had nothing to do with Alexander Skaarsgard being incredibly hot). But unfortunately after that I feel like the plots got too messy, the cast too crowded, and the whole thing became a bit of a mess. I hear it's still going, but I haven't watched it for some time now. BUT I have fond enough memories of the first two seasons that I was quite excited to get my hands on these polishes.

First up is V, from Loki's Lacquer. You might remember my post about her Futurama collection a while ago, and Tara has been busily putting out so many geektacular polishes since then I can barely keep up! As a result, V is relatively old, but one you don't want to miss. These swatches are two coats over black.

LOVE the bright red sparkles in this.
This picture is probably the most true to real life colour.
Cookies if you can pick the prop I used.
Looking at it in the bottle, I was worried it would be too orangey red for my tastes, but over black it comes out a lovely deep blood red. It's also surprisingly complex - I'm annoyed I didn't get any sunlight shots of this because the sparkles really stand out in the sunlight. I have no idea just how many different colours and sizes of glitter are in this, because I kept seeing more depending on the light. There are definitely large black hexes (which I could probably do without), medium red/holo hexes, and a ton of red shimmer. Application was really great. I didn't even have to fish for the big black hexes, they just came out all on their own!

Lilypad Lacquer are a very new indie maker, and at the moment they are largely specialising in holographic polishes of all colours of the rainbow. I picked out True Blood because anything vampy is more or less a must have for me. I took all these pictures in sunlight, because under lamp light it pretty much just looks like a nice, shiny burgundy.

Lilypad Lacquers are a touch more expensive than some of the other Aussie indies, most likely because of the huge amount of Spectraflair required to make them shine so nicely. They are sold in quite a big bottle though, and the formula is just beautiful. This was two coats with nothing underneath, and it's totally opaque. You could probably get away with one thin coat if you wanted, which makes this pretty awesome value for money.

Out of these two I think I like V a little better, just because it's more complex, but it's hard to turn down a gorgeous burgundy holo. What do you think of these? Do you think they captured the spirit of the show?


  1. great review Cass! and loving your nails with the reds on them :)

  2. Is.. is that a True Blood energy drink?

    1. Sadly it's not actually an energy drink, but it is a True Blood drink - some sort of blood orange sugary thing. I only bought it for the novelty, I never opened it.

  3. As much as I love V (it's beautiful!) I think I might like True Blood better.... that holo is just amazing!


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