Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dead Set Babes Competition Winner

Just a real quick update tonight, to announce the winners of my Dead Set Babes contest.

Image courtesy of Dead Set Babes Etsy shop

Because of the fantastic quality of stories I got, I've decided to add two runner up prizes to the pool. One lucky winner will get the bottle of Dead Set Babes Teenage Crime (pictured above), and two runners up will get a necklace made with Teenage Crime, in this style.

Just imagine this with a pretty purple background
and Teenage Crime over the top.
I chose the winner on sheer magnitude of the teenage crime, and the runners up are being awarded because while their crimes were relatively minor, they told damn good stories.

And so, without further ado, our first runner up is....


In case you missed it, here is her tale of teenage crime;
"When I was about 14, I read on the internet that smoking catnip was supposed to be similar to smoking weed. I'd never smoked weed or anything like that but it seemed like a good idea to give catnip a try! Firstly I tried boiling it up in a "tea" that turned out to be truly DISGUSTING - like if someone boiled up lawn clippings. I felt very nauseous - from the taste more than anything - but not at all inebriated. Then, a friend and I tried drying it under a desk lamp with the idea of attempting to smoke it. Neither of us knew how to role a cigarette, and we had no rolly papers. The closest thing we had to cigarette papers was... the pages from a Gideons bible I was given at school!! So we ended making these poorly rolled catnip "joints" out of the pages of a bible, which we stuck together with a glue stick. They barely stayed alight, we coughed A LOT, and did not get high at all.

I realise this isn't technically a crime, as catnip is legal (probably because it actually dose nothing for humans), but at the time we felt like some pretty smooth criminals :-P

(Also, being adorable little goths at the time, burning pages of a bible for our "drug" cigarettes felt VERY transgressive, teehee)"

The second runner up is also a Jess, oddly enough...

I love a good arson story, especially when it's accidental. Here's her story;
"My public high school made all of the Year Twelves sign 'Good Behaviour Contracts' which stated that because we didn't legally have to be at the school anymore (ie. being beyond Year 10), they were entitled to go straight to expulsion rather than suspension etc. In a fit of high spirits, a friend and I burnt ours in the Year 12 quad (although both of us intended to stay and finish our exams, the whole thing just rubbed us the wrong way, as did the fact that we weren't allowed to wear safety pins etc on our school uniforms - but the popular girls were allowed to wear denim skirts.)

Once the burning had been completed, we threw the remaining paper in the bin and went on our merry way to the canteen. And then came the smoke. And the teachers. And the bin with three foot flames shooting out of it. No-one had noticed our burning the papers in the quad so we never owned up and never got in trouble for it"

And finally, the grand prize winner is......

She gave herself a tattoo, people. She got arrested. She was a regular Joan Jett, and I think that deserves the grand prize.
"...there was the time my mom threatened to have me arrested for "grand theft auto" because I borrowed her car without permission (mine was out of gas)...or the other time when I gave myself a homemade tattoo...or the time I actually got arrested for being a minor in possession.

I swear I wasn't ALL bad, just my 17th year. :)"

If the winners would like to send me an email with your postage details, I will get your prizes out to you!!

(Also, the next competition is totally going to be a random one because while I loved all the stories, it is SUPER hard to choose a winner)

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