Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm Gonna Be A Fairy Princess!

I don't often get involved in charity events - sometimes it seems like there is a new one every week, and it can get really exhausting trying to keep up with them. But when I saw advertising for Dare To Wear Day on March 15, I couldn't pass it up. An opportunity to dress up at work AND contribute to a feminist cause? I'm all over that.

Fitted for Work is an Australian charity organisation that aims to help disadvantaged women back into the workforce. As someone who has been in and out of work for a great deal of my career so far, I understand a little of just how hard it can be to face up to an interview when you don't have the right clothes or mental state. I think what they do is an awesome thing, and I'd like to help them do more of it. 

The basic premise of Dare To Wear Day is that you, my kind and wonderful readers, as well as hopefully my colleagues, donate whatever you can afford to spare to Fitted For Work; in return, you will get a post full of pictures of me going to work and attempting to do my job while dressed as a Fairy Princess. Tutu, tiara, the whole bit. If the team total gets up to $300, I promise I will even wear wings. Sparkly, glittery, wings.

If you can, please Donate Here

An early attempt at a Fairy Princess costume. I promise
to do better this time.

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