Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Wanna Be Where The People Are - Loony Lacquer and Peitas Polish Reviews

I freaking LOVE The Little Mermaid. I know, I know, changing yourself to suit a man you've seen once is a HORRIBLE message, and I don't really care for the original Hans Christian Anderson story. But I looooove the Disney movie, possibly largely because it contains one of my favourite Disney songs of all time, Part Of Your World. When it comes on my headphones while I'm on the train, I find it EXTREMELY difficult not to wave my arms and mouth along, and it's a staple of my "Home Alone Karaoke" playlist, along with most of the soundtrack for Wicket. It's been in my head all morning while putting this together, so here, you can have it in your head too.

Now that's off my chest, let's talk polish. I have two lovely mermaid themed polishes for you today, so let's start with Ariel's Ocean from Loony Lacquer, an Australian indie maker. It's from her Disney Princess collection - yes, she has done an entire Disney Princess collection. I bet you can all guess how I came across her work!

Ariel's Ocean is a sheer, shimmery light blue base with light silver, blue, and purple hexagonal glitters in it. There is also the occassional larger red hex glitter, which were a little bit difficult to fish out, but look great in between all the subtle, shimmery soft colours. These photos are two coats over Ulta 3 Pacific Fever.

Next up is Under The Sea (my second favourite song from the movie) from Peita's Polish, another Australian indie maker.You might remember she makes the adorabubble Shooting Stars polish I showed you on Monday, and Under The Sea is just as gorgeous. The base for this one is technically a blue jelly, but it's quite sheer, so I put two coats over Ulta 3 Pacific Fever.

Ariel's Ocean does look a bit more, well, like an ocean, but this one is PACKED with glitter, and I am such a sucker for that. Inside it glows beautifully, and outside it's blingtacular thanks to all the holographic hex glitter she's jammed in there.

Peita's Polish is currently closed because she's relocating, but her Etsy store should be open again soon - I even heard a rumour she might be launching some new polishes on her return. Loony Lacquer however is currently open for business, and apart from her Disney Princess range, she also has collections inspired by butterflies and My Little Pony. I know I'll be hitting both these shops up again!

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