Monday, March 11, 2013

Aussie Nails Monday - Stripes!

My relationship with striping tape is much like my past romantic relationships - it's beautiful, but it can wind me up so fast I go from mellow to Medea in ten seconds flat. If you haven't heard of it before, striping tape is really really fine tape, usually metallic, that you can use in nail art by either sticking it down and using it as part of the design, or painting over it and taking it up again to make beautiful crisp straight lines.

In theory anyway. In reality, this latest attempt is the closest I've been able to get to any sort of success with the stuff, and usually my face ends up much like this;

@lilyandjinks on Instagram put this up a week ago, and it still makes me giggle

ANYWAY, enough griping, and on with the nail art. I was "inspired" (ie blatantly ripped off) the incredibly talented Anthea over at Nailed Obsession. She put up a gorgeous purple and gold manicure using striping tape, and I was all, "Yeah! I can do that! Totally!" completely forgetting that Anthea has the gift of making difficult things look marvelously easy. Still, I don't think the results are TOO bad, and hopefully I will improve yet further with practice. This was done using a Nails Inc silver polish I got for free with a Cleo magazine a million years ago, and China Glaze Some Like It Haute.

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  1. Some Like It Haute? My god, but polish makers sure do like puns.

    1. See, I feel like it should really be white, but that's probably overly pedantic.

  2. You totally taught the tape who's boss. Love it! 

    1. Grumpy Cat got me through it! Every time I got cranky he made me giggle.

    2. Grumpy Cat got me through it! Every time I got cranky he made me giggle.


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