Monday, February 4, 2013

Princess Vanellope Rulz


It's time for another Aussie Nails Monday, and given that this week's theme is "Bright" I decided to do a little tribute to my favourite Disney Princess - Vanellope Von Schweetz  from Wreck It Ralph.

If you haven't seen Wreck It Ralph yet, you really should, especially if you were ever a gamer in the era of 8 bit legends like Sonic The Hedgehog. It's a wonderful mix of everything great about Disney and Pixar, with none of the weaknesses of either. Although I will warn you to make sure you have tissues on hand!

Anyway, on to the nails. These pictures were taken in a bit of a rush, so they're not up to my usual standard, but I was so happy with the way the design came out I couldn't wait to share it.


I think this qualifies as "bright", don't you?
If anyone is interested, these are the polishes I used. I have learned very quickly that if you want to do nail art of any kind, you need to stock up on a bunch of colours you never thought you would possibly need.

Ulta3 is fantastic for this sort of thing - at two bucks each, I have no problem buying a whole rainbow

A random Loreal I don't really like, a lovely brown Essence, some random Barbie pink I bought
for my LaChapelle mani, Ulta3 again, and a Sinful Colors black

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