Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Philanthropy Looks Good On You - Femme Fatale Specialty Shades Review

Aren't you lucky ducks! I wasn't going to post until tomorrow, because I didn't think I had time, but since I've been stuck on hold for long enough to edit an entire set of pictures, I thought I might as well put them up.
You might remember me mentioning that Australian indie polish maker Femme Fatale was releasing a range of polishes specifically in order to raise money for a friend in need of an extremely expensive surgery. In case you were holding off on buying these until you could see some pictures, let me tell you right now, they are STUNNING.

Femme Fatale are known for their "glitterbombs" (nail community jargon for polishes that are approximately 80% glitter), and the first one I want to show you, Abyssal Reflections, is the very definition of a glitterbomb. If there is such a thing as too much glitter, this might be it, but I'm unconvinced this is a real problem. The shades of all the glitters are perfectly co-ordinated with the dark green/black jelly base and each other, making this an absolute pleasure for any green devotees out there. These pictures are one coat over a base of Sinful Colors See You Soon.

Next up is Veil of The Siren, another total glitterbomb, but with a tiny bit more fluid in between the glitter than Abyssal Reflections. I didn't want to just Abyssal Reflections, but the other two polishes are both gold based, so I took a chance and went with the least gold of the two. I'm actually really happy with Veil of The Siren, despite never really being very interested in wearing gold of any kind. This is actually a lot more pearlescent than gold - there are strong green flashes in the right light, and a lovely scattering of different colours through it. It was apparently inspired by seashells, and it reminds me of the kind of sand you get on beaches where the shells have only been broken down relatively recently, and there are still shards of shell in the grains.These pictures are two thin coats over a base of a weird pearlescent Sally Hansen Nail Prisms I found in a two dollar box at the market.

So there you go! Now you have no excuse not to get on over and make an order.

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