Monday, February 25, 2013

Loki's Lacquer Futurama Collection - Be still my nerdy heart!

I am an absolutely unashamed Futurama fangirl. I grew up on The Simpsons, but eventually got to a point where I realised I was arguing that the best episodes aired over ten years ago. TEN years! Most of the people I was arguing with weren't even old enough to watch TV when what I consider the "good" episodes were airing. It was well time to move on. Happily. Futurama came along to fill the snarky, sarcastic gap in my heart and I've been hooked since the first episode. When I heard Loki's Lacquer was doing a Futurama inspired polish collection, I knew I had to get me a piece of that.

First up is a polish called Space Pilot 3000, after the pilot episode of the series. This is a dark puple, PACKED with holo particles. These pictures were taken of three coats with nothing underneath, so you can see it builds up to opacity really easily. I was absolutely satisfied with this one. I signed up for a pretty purple packed chock full of holo, and that's exactly what Loki's Lacquer delivered.

The next polish is inspired by Leela, and is called "I can be really impulsive, it just takes me a while..." This one was a teeny bit thinner than I was expecting from a foil polish, and I ended up putting an Ulta 3 purple underneath because I didn't have the patience to build it up. But I'm sure if you took your time with it, it would be great on it's own.

Next up is one inspired by Bender, which I was pretty sure I was going to love. I mean, it's foil silver with great chunks of silver glitter in it, there was never going to be a chance I wouldn't like it. I love me the bling! This one is called "Bite My Shiny Metal Ass", which is appropriate for such an aggressively shiny polish. I LOVE it.
You can add your own favourite Bender catchphrase here. 

Last is one named for Lrrr, Ruler of Omacron Persei 8, and is named after his planet. Lrrr is one of my favourite ongoing background characters, and in all honesty, I bought this polish because it was inspired by him, but I actually like it a lot more than I thought I would. It's definitely unique, and that's one of my favourite things about indie polish makers. While brands like OPI might think, "Why would we make a green to brown colour shifting polish with green glitter in it?" Loki's Lacquer say "Why not?"

Lrrr approves.
This one is quite hard to capture in photos. It's actually much more green in person.

These two macros capture the colour shift better than any on of my nails. 
 I'm pretty darn pleased with this little haul! I only got the mini version of all of these so I could try them out (Minis are SUCH a great idea. Samples make the commercial world go around), but I think I'm going to have to go back for a full size of some of these. Not only do they make great polish, Loki's Lacquer is an Australian indie label, who are doing exciting things at very reasonable prices.


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