Friday, February 22, 2013

Fancy Friday!

In an attempt to keep things varied around here, I've decided to balance out my Aussie Nails Monday with a plus size fashion challenge some lovely Australian ladies have put together, called Aussie Curves. This week's theme is Black and White, which suits me perfectly!

Last week I decided to make my Casual Friday at work into a Fancy Friday, because I've noticed dressing up often gives me a real burst of motivation, and by Friday I need all the motivation I can possibly get. I did my nails in the most ridiculously over the top holo polishes I could find in my collection, as you can see below.

This manicure is fancy as fuck.

As it turned out, this did actually end up making my Friday more bearable. When teamed with a swishy skirt I could flounce around in, having such a ton of sparkle on my nails actually made me happier, more positive, and more energetic. So I thought this week I might try Fancy Friday rather than Casual Friday again, and started with a polish from Pretty Serious Cosmetics called Dream Delight - and yes, I always start planning my outfits from my polish. I know, I know, it's weird. I just feel a need to match everything, and it's easiest to pick a polish I like and build from there. I threw a coat of Darling Diva Bitch Panties over the top, just because a little smattering of Spectraflair holographic particles makes everything better.

Looking pretty fancy already! But thanks to a new batch of shinies that arrived this week from Femme Fatale Cosmetics, I decided to, as Elzar would say, "Bam it up a notch!" with some fancy eyeshadow as well.

I'm against loose eyeshadow in general - it's messy, and I'm unco-ordinated, and I just don't see why I should bother when there are perfectly good pressed eyeshadows around that I don't have to fish out of my eyes. But a quick glance through Femme Fatale's selection of eyeshadows convinced me they were at LEAST worth a try, and I am SO glad I did. They are so fancy, and so beautiful, that I kind of want to cover my entire skin with them and become a gorgeous shimmery creature from Avatar. I limited myself to four colours for my first purchase, but now I think I'm going to just have to go back and get every single one. While they're not actually that pricey ($5.75 for a full size container), if I'm going to fuss around with individual colours I want them to be fancy, and these my friends, are fancy. This is actually a free sample I got with the ones I purchased, and it's called Polymorph.

It's a duochrome eyeshadow! That is SO FUCKING COOL.

For the record, I totally just used my usual method of smooshing it on with my fingers.

 So now my hands are fancy, my face is fancy, my hair just kind of goes into this fancy cascade of curls all by itself, on to the outfit! Unfortunately, this is where I ran out of time and enthusiasm this morning. 

While it's a perfectly nice dress, and not only fits the Black and White theme as well as suiting me perfectly, it's not really what you would call fancy. So I added one of my favourite necklaces, which I think also more or less fits the theme. 

I got this from Etsy!

Trying to deliberately be fancy this morning made me recognise an unpleasant thing that is still rattling around in my head. For all my blogging and picture taking and support from you guys, I still felt weird about putting on a fancy dress as WELL as the other fancy things, like it would be "too much". It felt as if I was only allowed a certain quota of nice things before I would look silly, like I would drawing too much attention to myself if I REALLY dressed up. This is despite working in an office with several women who are full on corporate glamour queens. One of them has hair taller than I am, so I have no idea where my self consciousness about being over the top came from. It's interesting, and worth rolling around my head some more.

I hope you enjoyed my second foray into a full on outfit post. Make sure to check out what all the other Aussie Curves girls have gotten up to!


  1. I love this! Amazing idea by what looks to be an amazing goup of women. I was wondering if you had viewed the controversial post at I am really interested to hear your view on this topic!

    1. Interesting...I did see this post much earlier today, before any of the negative comments showed up. This is a little complicated for me to reply to, because I consider LabMuffin to be a relatively good acquaintance, and I know her well enough to be quite confident she didn't mean any harm by it and doesn't harbour any latent homophobia. I think her dismissive response was born out of surprise rather than not understanding the issues at hand.

      Having said that, the words were chosen poorly, and I'm not surprised that without the context of knowing her beliefs on a more personal basis that some of her audience was upset. I know her and I still wrinkled my nose a little reading it earlier, but decided against raising the issue because her blog is almost always a politics free zone. I don't think she had a full understanding of just how negatively using language like that could be viewed - she seems to have a social circle that are quite accepting of that sort of slang, and the circles you move in can really shape your view. To my mind, saying things are "gay" as a dismissive negative like that is not something I would ever do - I've been trying for years to get my little sister to stop saying it, and was very proud of my little brother when he stopped doing it. I understand why people called out on this, and think it was justified that she was called out. However, because I know her personally, if I was to put my two cents in I would maybe say something to her personally rather than publicly on her blog.


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