Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Philanthropy Looks Good On You - Femme Fatale Specialty Shades Review

Aren't you lucky ducks! I wasn't going to post until tomorrow, because I didn't think I had time, but since I've been stuck on hold for long enough to edit an entire set of pictures, I thought I might as well put them up.
You might remember me mentioning that Australian indie polish maker Femme Fatale was releasing a range of polishes specifically in order to raise money for a friend in need of an extremely expensive surgery. In case you were holding off on buying these until you could see some pictures, let me tell you right now, they are STUNNING.

Femme Fatale are known for their "glitterbombs" (nail community jargon for polishes that are approximately 80% glitter), and the first one I want to show you, Abyssal Reflections, is the very definition of a glitterbomb. If there is such a thing as too much glitter, this might be it, but I'm unconvinced this is a real problem. The shades of all the glitters are perfectly co-ordinated with the dark green/black jelly base and each other, making this an absolute pleasure for any green devotees out there. These pictures are one coat over a base of Sinful Colors See You Soon.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Post Oscars Bile

So the internet today is full of rage at Seth McFarland - in case you somehow managed to miss it, he hosted the Oscars this year and said some awful things. I wasn't surprised by this in the slightest - pissing people off in the name of humour is what MacFarlane is known for. You hire Prince, and you're going to get kick ass noodly guitar solos, you hire MacFarlane and you're going to get offensive jokes. I'm not interested in debating whether what he said was right or wrong - everything people are outraged by is totally fair and understandable. What I don't think is right is that all the blame is sitting squarely on MacFarlane.

Not a lone gunman

Monday, February 25, 2013

Loki's Lacquer Futurama Collection - Be still my nerdy heart!

I am an absolutely unashamed Futurama fangirl. I grew up on The Simpsons, but eventually got to a point where I realised I was arguing that the best episodes aired over ten years ago. TEN years! Most of the people I was arguing with weren't even old enough to watch TV when what I consider the "good" episodes were airing. It was well time to move on. Happily. Futurama came along to fill the snarky, sarcastic gap in my heart and I've been hooked since the first episode. When I heard Loki's Lacquer was doing a Futurama inspired polish collection, I knew I had to get me a piece of that.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fancy Friday!

In an attempt to keep things varied around here, I've decided to balance out my Aussie Nails Monday with a plus size fashion challenge some lovely Australian ladies have put together, called Aussie Curves. This week's theme is Black and White, which suits me perfectly!

Last week I decided to make my Casual Friday at work into a Fancy Friday, because I've noticed dressing up often gives me a real burst of motivation, and by Friday I need all the motivation I can possibly get. I did my nails in the most ridiculously over the top holo polishes I could find in my collection, as you can see below.

This manicure is fancy as fuck.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Be Who You Wanna Be

I know I'm a million years late to this party in Internet time, but I realised in a conversation the other day that some people managed to miss this particularly revolting attack on trans women by noted columnist Julie Birchall, and moreover that some women were unaware of the trans* hate harbored by many prominent feminists for a long time now. (Incidentally, the link I put in there to the original Guardian article goes to a cache of the column, which was pulled down a couple of days after publication. I am constantly amused by publications that don't seem to understand that once you publish something, it's out there FOREVER. There are no backsies on the internet) I figure while there are still some people who don't know about this, then there are still things to say. It's especially pertinent to be putting this up considering the RadFem 2013 conference is starting soon - while I am feminist it's pretty safe to say Radical Feminism and I don't have a lot of common ground. Quite apart from my opinion of their aim of achieving a feminist utopia, two of their principle "enemies" are sex workers and trans* people, and I'm not super comfortable with feminists who hate on my friends. In the coming days and weeks a lot of the radical anti-trans feminists will be saying their piece, so it seemed a good time to share mine.

The Wayback Machine is BRILLIANT

Birchall's column made me furious, and sick to my stomach. The things she said about trans women were just inexcusable - I don't care if she felt like the trans community was bullying her friend, calling your alleged enemies "bedwetters in bad wigs" is just disgusting, not to mention really poor form from an alleged journalist. It's easy to dismiss this column as tabloid click bait (saying something awful just to get page views) and this is undeniably part of the motivation for it being published. But it's not just Birchall who feels like this about trans women - not by a long shot.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Don't Want To Be Stuck In The Fat Corner

I started this blog as a personal challenge to myself – I wanted to try things simply because they weren’t “me”, and talk about things I had previously felt I should keep quiet about. I guessed that committing to sharing these things with a bunch of strangers on the internet was the best motivation for me, and so far, it’s going great. I’ve tried a lot of new things, gotten involved in communities I never knew existed, and I’ve shared a LOT with you guys. There are long posts about how othered I used to feel by women who understood makeup and fashion, and how I still do to a certain extent. I’ve talked about my internal struggles when I realised I actually LIKED makeup and fashion, and how that changed my perception of my own identity. I’ve shared pictures of my self harm scars, for goodness sake.

But the thing that scared me most, that was most challenging to share, were pictures in which you can see the full extent of my fat.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Betcha Wish You Could Op Shop Like Me - Part 3

Welcome to the final (I promise) installment of my guide to Effective Op Shopping. If you missed the other two installments, they are here and here. And now, on to my very last two bits of advice.

4. Pick your Target 
Thrift shopping is a game hunt and as with any other kind of hunt, you have to know where your game is likely to be found. Not all thrift stores are equal – ones in suburbs with a high population of people who drink half caf soy lattes and ride fixies are likely to be picked clean. But if you venture out into suburbs where the more well-to-do congregate, you can find some real gold. See, the suburban yuppies like to donate clothes, because it’s an easy, convenient way to be charitable. But they would never be caught dead wearing second hand clothes, and they also tend to be pretty keen on keeping the poorer people who WOULD wear second hand clothes away as much as possible. Which leaves their second hand stores chock full of barely worn goodies, free for the taking. This dress was actually from a local store in my suburb because I haven't ventured much further than my latte sipping suburb for a while, but it's a good example of what you can find if you're willing to hit the more upper crust areas. It's City Chic, a high end plus size label, and new this dress would have cost upwards of $200. When I got it, there were no labels, but no signs of wear either so I would guess someone wore it once and then got rid of it.

Ha! Look at that fierce face I'm pulling.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Betcha Wish You Could Op Shop Like Me - Part 2

Welcome back! So last time I had a good long talk about the Why of op shopping (or thrifting). Now I'm going to share with you my golden rules of How To Op Shop Effectively, and build an awesome wardrobe for a surprisingly small amount of money. 

1. Know What You Want
Unfortunately, if what you want is the latest fashions for bargain prices, I have no advice for you. I don’t tend to follow fashion, and have instead developed a wardrobe of things that look good on me, and will always look good on me. In order to get this stable of staples, I did a lot of trying things on, and made a lot of mistakes. But now, I can pick up any article of clothing and be able to more or less visualise how it will look on me. Figure out what looks good on you, so you can spot it in a crowded rack bursting with beaded Christmas sweaters. The sequins can be very distracting! And that’s before we get to the pushy little old ladies.

For all your Doris Day At Mardi Gras needs

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Betcha Wish That You Could Op Shop Like Me - Part 1

Sometimes it feels like I've been op-shopping as long as I've been wearing clothes. A brief note of clarification for any American viewers I happen to have picked up - when I say "op shop", I mean what you would call "thrift store." So just substitute it in your head while you read. When people ask where I got whatever I'm wearing, the answer is "second hand" at least seven times out of ten. But when I tell people where I got things, they always look at me amazed, as if I have some great gift to be able to find decent things where they apparently have never been able to. I am going to admit something to y'all - it's not a gift. It's just practice. 

Image courtesy of windyfm

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Where are we? Who's driving? What's this all about?

I wanted to do a little round up today of the aims of this blog - partially because I know there are a bunch of you reading now who weren't reading when I started and because in the three short months I've been doing this, my goals have shifted ever so slightly. There are a couple of major things I am hoping to achieve with this blog, and here they are in no particular order.

1. Want, Take, Have
Buffy fans will recognise this as one of Faith's less sociable philosophies, but in this instance I'm not actually encouraging you to break into firearms stores and steal sweet knives.  Because, as Buffy would say, that would be wrong. I am however fully encouraging you to embrace whatever trappings of femme grab your eye. One of my major motivators in starting this project was the realisation that while I wanted to know more about makeup, and nail polish, and where to find pretty clothes, I felt bad about this desire. I felt guilty, because I was convinced that being interested in physical appearance meant I wasn't allowed to be a feminist anymore. I've written a lot in previous posts about how I worked through this, so for now let's just say I woke up and realised it was nonsense. I want to encourage other women to be able to do this too. Women have so many "rules" thrust on us, and I am very interesting in kicking as many of those rules out of my life as possible. I think every women should be able to express interest in, and enjoy pretty things, without judgement. I don't care if you live in baggy cargos that are two sizes too big for you - if you see a glittery nail polish you want to try, you go for it. I hereby give you permission to want, take, and have. 

2. Let's meet Feminism
If you've read even one of my posts, you'll be aware of how strongly I believe in feminism. It's absolutely crucial, but more specifically, I believe it's everywhere. It's part of everything - but I feel like feminism is discussed over in it’s own corner far too much, where one can be very easily preaching to a static, agreeable choir. There is a place for that, sure. There is always only going to be a certain number of people interested in really unpacking the gender implications of lesbian vampires in seventies Italian exploitation film. *I* find that interesting, but there are a whole lot of people for whom that has no relevance whatsoever. Feminism should be USEFUL. It should be something that makes your life easier, your choices less difficult, your existence as a woman less bound by rules and limitations. But I'm well aware that the perception of feminism from people who've only ever brushed up against it in passing is often one of incomprehensible jargon and discussions that have no relevance to their lives. I want to change that. I will be upfront here - I AM trying to trick some of you. I put up pretty pictures of nail polish, and cosmetics, and then BAM, there's Anais Nin, right in the middle. I want to demonstrate that feminism doesn't have to be off in it's own corner, and perhaps get some people who've never given it much thought before to at least take a look.

3. Let's Go Crazy
This is an aim that has come up quite recently, once I realised how much people enjoy me talking about my crazy. I didn't think it would come up much at first - but the more I wrote, the more I realised my mental health issues are just as integral to the way I view the world as feminism. It also seems to really help other people get a sense of solidarity when I talk about it openly and freely, so that makes it pretty damn worthwhile to me.

4. We Need To Talk
Another issue I've noticed with the way blogging is trending lately is that a lot of (much more popular than mine) blogs have become one way conversations.The Blogger proclaims from on high, and the Commenters tell the Blogger how great they are. 


I mean, if you want to leave a comment that's just "Looks nice", by all means, feel free. I love comments, ALL comments. I love them so much it's a little scary. But what I am really digging about my blogging experience so far is the conversations that have come up. Between me and other bloggers, between me and Twitter, between me and you, my dear readers. I LOVE that shit. It's fascinating and inspiring, and much more encouraging to me than a million comments of "Cool." So, you know, keep it up.You guys rock. 

I don't know if anyone actually uses them, but I've been filing things under specific tags, so you can keep track of the various "streams" I have going on here. 

In My Head - Posts which are largely my pseudo philosophical ramblings.This is where you can find plenty of my opinions on intangible things like feminism, self esteem, fatshion, women in the media, etc etc. 

On My Hands - I'm currently falling deeply in love with all sorts of glorious nail polishes, and love sharing the wonders I have discovered. These posts will be either reviews of polish, or nail art, but with both I am attempting to have something interesting to go in the text with them. For example, when reviewing a polish called Lady of The Lake, I went and found out a bunch of interesting stuff about the actual Lady of The Lake from Arthurian Legend. 
I've recently made the decision to only review indie polish brands here on the blog, with a particular emphasis on Australian brands and new startups. Starting your own business is super hard, and I really want to use the (tiny) platform I have to help out people who are doing great stuff under enormous pressure. There are plenty of other bloggers out there swatching for big brands - they don't need my ten pageviews. But when I do a post about an indie brand, and someone tweets back that they went and bought some right THEN, that makes me enormously happy. I feel like I can actually contribute something when working on that scale. Plus, indie brands are the only ones who can do glitter properly!

On My Face - These are also reviews, of things which go on my face. With this one, there is less of an Australian indie scene to support, but I would like to do that where possible. Mostly I will also be trying to focus on real Absolute Beginner stuff - what kind of skin do you have and how do you find that out? How few products can I possibly use before going to a job interview and still look presentable? Stuff like that.

Show Your Working - These are posts in which I investigate various aspects of the beauty industry - how are wrinkles formed, is toulene in your nail polish really a big deal, can a furiously expensive appliance REALLY make your skin younger...things like that. Basically my attempt to apply some common sense to an area that is frequently overrun with hysteria. 

There are also a couple of sites I have started writing regularly for, and who I encourage you to check out.

The Peach is, in their own words, "an online magazine covering relationships, love, sex, fashion, beauty, body image, feminism, health, lifestyle mental health and lots more." They cover a VERY broad spectrum of topics, but it's a really ambitious idea and I'm really pleased to be helping contribute.
(I actually have an article up there at the moment, all about how much women actually talk as opposed to popular perception.)

The Closet Feminist is a Canadian blog that aims to create a place for fashion articles from a feminist point of view. A lot of it is pretty Canadian-centric, but there are still some very, very clever women writing some very clever things. And, you know, me. There was a blogging group for a while entirely made up of feminist fashion bloggers which is sadly now defunt (missed it!), and I like to think The Closet Feminist can take up where it left off.

Lacquerheads of Oz is a project by a group of Australian nail fanatics, who are attempting to create a one-stop-shop for people who want to learn about polish and nail art. Their scope is HUGE, and they have a bunch of people on board who really know their stuff. And, you know, me, who doesn't know as much as them but can be funny sometimes. They have already put up a leaner version of my  previous post on toxic chemicals in nail polish, and there are a couple more in the works.

Finally, I want to encourage anyone who doesn't know who to ask, or what to ask about makeup, or nail art, or anything femme related, to ask me. I might not always know the answer off the top of my head, but researching random things is one of my favourite pasttimes, so dammit, I will FIND you an answer.
Thank you to everyone who has been reading so far, and thank you to everyone just joining me. I hope to hear from you all soon!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Picture Polish Monroe Review - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

I picked up my first order from Australian company Picture Polish recently, and in keeping with my efforts to support local industry I deliberately picked out two of Picture Polish's own brand polishes. As far as I understand, Picture Polish started out reselling other Australian brands, but eventually branched out into their own line. Having stocked such awesome products as Ozotic, they know good polish, and I'm very happy to report their own creations are just as beautiful as anything Ozotic ever put out. The one I want to show you today is called Monroe - I wanted to talk about this one because a) it's GORGEOUS and b) as someone with a mental illness, I find Marilyn Monroe a really fascinating figure.
But before I get all serious, here are some pictures. These are all three coats of Monroe, with a slick of topcoat over it.

I think Marylin would have really dug this polish. It's so beautiful and sparkly, but totally classy at the same time. It also really reminds me of one of the costumes from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", one of my favourite Monroe movies.

She and Jayne Russell are not only drop dead gorgeous in that film, but also surprisingly funny. Russell does my favourite kind of humour - dry, fast, and super sharp. But Monroe largely plays on her public perception as a dumb blonde to get the laughs in this film - she has a great line right at the end of the film that cracks me up every time. When asked if she wants to marry the handsome rich hero just because he's rich, she answers perfectly straight faced, "Don't you know that a man being rich is like a girl being pretty? You wouldn't marry a girl just because she's pretty, but my goodness, doesn't it help?"

Even in natural light it glows!

Have I mentioned how much I love my Photojojo Macro Lens?
 You can see, especially from the macro, that there is a lot more to this polish than there seems at first. Not only is it packed full of glitter, there is a strong holographic shine that gives it a real fire - it glows from the inside like an opal in the right light. Which brings me to the serious part of why I find Monroe so interesting. The woman inside seems to have been so very different from the woman she appeared to be on the outside. The first impression of her is one of polished perfection, but inside she had a burning fire of ambition and emotion.

On the outside Monroe was undeniably beautiful, but in very controlled and deliberate way. Just look at how many pictures there are around where she is projecting the exact same expression - lips slightly parted, eyes lidded, and just a hint of a smile. This was a carefully composed facade, calculated to project exactly the right amount of sexy without being "slutty", the right amount of mystery without being inaccessible. There is a reason people go so bananas for the "lost" photos that surface every now and the. Monroe was so constantly "on" that photographic evidence of any crumbling of that facade is endlessly fascinating.

But on the inside, it was a totally different story. She struggled with mental illness all her life, and it's generally believed this struggle led to her suicide. While I'm not aware of any official diagnosis that was ever made public, the generally accepted theory is that she suffered BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), which makes her particularly interesting to me because that's what I have. It's always nice when famous people have the same illnesses as you! For those who haven't heard of it before, BPD is more or less a kind of very rapidly cycling bipolar disorder - we get the same manic highs and depressive lows as people with bipolar, but it tends to cycle up and down much quicker. There are several fragments of diary that have surfaced that indicated an inner turmoil totally unseen on her public surface. One particular snippet has stuck with me since I read it, considering how often I am kept up by insomnia -
"on the screen of pitch blackness
comes/reappears the shapes of monsters
my most steadfast companions …
and the world is sleeping
ah peace I need you—even a
peaceful monster."

This difference between perception and reality is both one of the hardest things to deal with about mental illness, and one of the hardest things to explain to neurotypical people. Christine Miserandino wrote a very moving piece about her experience with having an invisible illness, and while she was actually writing about Lupus, her observations are so applicable to mental illness that a lot of her shorthand is used regularly by almost all the non neurotypical people I know. When we say to each other, 'I'm out of spoons", it's understood that this means "I simply don't have the resources to do what I need to/what you're asking me to do right now". This sort of shorthand is crucial to my ability to function while also having an illness people can't see from the outside. If you know me extremely well, you might be able to read a lack of spoons on my face - but not reliably, and very very few people know me that well. I need a way to communicate that what people see on the outside is not what is going on inside.

I find Monroe fascinating because her interior world and the way she was perceived were so very different, but I find her inspirational as well. And no, not because she was "plus sized". She was stunning, but she was never plus sized by any sane person's reckoning. Marylin Monroe inspires me because she's a great example of how having mismatching insides and outsides doesn't have to stop you getting what you want, and getting where you want to be. Her eventual suicide isn't such a great example, and I'm not particularly keen to emulate that part of her life. But the success she achieved before her death is remarkable, and I find it comforting that her inner turmoil didn't completely cripple her ability to achieve her ambitions. I worry sometimes that my mental illness makes me simply incapable of achieving the success I so dearly want - but looking at how much she achieved in such a short time through talent and sheer force of will reminds me it doesn't have to be so. And Monroe is hardly a lone example, even though this sort of thing isn't talked about a lot -this article over at has a fascinating list of a bunch of other successful women who suffer from mental illnesses.

Do you have a particular celebrity you relate to?

Monday, February 11, 2013

What took you so long?

I’ve talked briefly here before about how I wasn’t always femme, and how my interest in skirts and makeup and glitter has taken me a long time to accept – truth be told, I still haven’t really accepted it. But I’m at least exploring it now. The real joke is that I’m 32 dang years old. I’m firmly over thirty now, and I have no idea what to do with my hair on a daily basis. I have no idea what the appropriate thing to wear to a formal dinner would be, let alone have a suitable outfit. I’m still taking baby, tentative steps into this whole fabulous world.
So what on earth took me so long? A fascinating conversation today with two lovely Tweeps of mine, @heathergracious and @helisalmiakki has brought a couple of realisations to the surface that I’d like to share, because I don’t think I’m the only one with these experiences.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Looks Like Community

I don’t think I can actually adequately express how important it is to me to feel like I’m helping other people, every day, no matter how small the effect. Helping other people do their jobs better is my day job. I started this blog to try and help other people discover they’re not the only one who has no idea what to do with their hair. I am an absolute sucker for Kickstarters and community projects in general. I wasn’t expecting to find much in the nail community to support this compulsion of mine – it’s a hobby built around material acquisition. You just...well, *I* didn’t expect much in the way of community. I expected everyone to be much more interested in external appearances, rather than internal qualities - in other words, superficial. But just as with BPAL, there is so much more to the nail community than pretty stuff to put on your nails. 

The polish I want to show you today is a great example of the way this community helps each other, and contributes to the wider world around them. Normally I wouldn’t show off something I know you can’t get – this polish was limited edition, and it’s all gone now. But the idea was just so lovely, and the polish itself is so gorgeous, I couldn’t help myself. Pretty Serious are an Australian indie polish maker, and they have been producing absolutely spectacular stuff for a while now. Emma Louise was a limited edition polish created by the owner of Pretty Serious for her friend’s 30th birthday. Emma got to choose the colours, the glitters – her birthday present was a custom made polish, exactly to her specifications. This is an incredibly generous and creative gift to start with – but even better, Pretty Serious made a donation to the Australian Cancer Council for every bottle sold, meaning this polish ended up being a present to society at large as well. Naturally, I couldn’t let this opportunity to take part in such a great idea pass me by.

Image courtesy of the Pretty Serious website
Not only was this polish a great idea, it's just beautiful. You might have noticed by now that I have a huge weakness for glitter, and also dark vampy colours, and this polish brings them together gloriously. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Dear John - Leibster Award Nomination

I’ve been nominated for a Leibster Blog Award by Natasha at Confessions of A Skincare Junkie, and while I'm not usually a fan of chain letter type things, I think this one is a lovely idea. We little bloggers have to stick together! Natasha had a great summary of what a Leibster Award actually is, so I'm just going to shamelessly steal it.

"Just what is this Leibster thing anyway? It took some sleuthing, but I did find a few facts. According to Sopphey Says, the first mention of the Leibster Award she was able to track down was from Germany blogger in December 2010. The word, Leibster, means “Sweetheart” or “Darling” in German.  It is actually used as a greeting for a boyfriend as in “Leibster Johannes” which would  start a letter to John.
Leibster Awards have several iterations with the number of readers and the number of questions changing as it passes along.  But the core of the award remains:
  • This is a pat on the back to a blog with a small readership (current rules state 200 or fewer readers,but the original was for 2000 readers or fewer)
  • You must thank your nominator.
  • You must state 11 facts about yourself.
  • You must answer 11 questions posed by the nominator.
  • You must nominate 11 more blogs and pass on the love."
So first, lots of thanks to Natasha for this nomination. Natasha is one of a small proportion of readers who I didn't harass into reading, which makes her praise extra sweet. And now, the Dolly Quiz!

11 Random Facts You May Not Know About Me

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

There are a lot of people out there who are really keen to tell women what to do with their bodies. On the whole, the feminist mainstream is pretty against this. A male morning TV host in Victoria decided to announcehow inappropriate breastfeeding in public is, and how this shameful thing should be hidden away – Twitter was on fire for two days, and the blogosphere went crazy with disgust for his arrogance at presuming to tell women how to deal with babies. Rightly so, mind you. The guy was clearly trolling, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t deserve every bit of vitriol he got. Yesterday, a poor radio host got named , shamed, and forced to apologise publicly for daring to make her own decisions as to whether she was going to smoke or not while pregnant, as if her body belongs to the public domain now she’s incubating. Rightfully, feminist commentators were all over this too. The question isn’t whether smoking is harmful to babies, or whether breastfeeding is distasteful – the issue at stake other people’s apparent right to comment on what women choose to do with their bodies. In short, if  it’s not your baby, if it’s not your body, then I firmly believe you should shut up. As the Polish apparently say, Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy – not my circus, not my monkeys. (thanks for the edit, dear readers) If you’re not carrying it, if you don’t live in it, you can be quiet now. It’s disgraceful that these situations even come up anymore – I am constantly baffled by how many legislators and commentators think it’s perfectly okay to cast judgement on people’s choices without consulting the people affected in any way. And mostly, mainstream feminism is on my side. 

Not your monkey
 But sometimes, I get all over-excited and say something like, “Fuck those legislators trying to tell women what to do with their bodies! It’s just like people who’ve never been in the sex industry telling sex workers what they should be doing with their bodies!”

And suddenly, there’s silence.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Princess Vanellope Rulz


It's time for another Aussie Nails Monday, and given that this week's theme is "Bright" I decided to do a little tribute to my favourite Disney Princess - Vanellope Von Schweetz  from Wreck It Ralph.

If you haven't seen Wreck It Ralph yet, you really should, especially if you were ever a gamer in the era of 8 bit legends like Sonic The Hedgehog. It's a wonderful mix of everything great about Disney and Pixar, with none of the weaknesses of either. Although I will warn you to make sure you have tissues on hand!

Anyway, on to the nails. These pictures were taken in a bit of a rush, so they're not up to my usual standard, but I was so happy with the way the design came out I couldn't wait to share it.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fat Money $pends

Just a little update today - I've been busy putting together a bunch of upcoming articles for other sites, which is still an idea I find so entertaining. I started this blog because I didn't think anyone else would publish my opinions, but it just keeps happening! Hilarious.

Image courtesy of Domino Dollhouse

Today's link is an opinion piece I bashed out with my ranty pants on for The Closet Feminist, who are a fantastic Canadian feminist fashion blog. I really dig what they're doing, and this article has been quite popular so far, so I'd be interested to hear what y'all think. It's about trying to shop in brick and mortar stores when you have a plus sized body, and how it's incredibly frustrating - Fat Money $pends

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fuck your Femme Passivity

One of the reasons I stayed away from all things femme for so long was because of the percieved association of femme and weakness, passivity, standing back and letting things happen. I am not that sort of girl - I never have been. There is a t-shirt sold by T Shirt Hell that says, "If I had balls, they would be bigger than yours", and it was one of my favourite things to wear out for a long time. I assumed (because I didn't know any better) that if I started getting interested in being pretty, getting my nails did, all that junk, that I would have to give up being a bad ass. As it turns out, I was totally wrong, and I am so fucking happy about that. But every now and then something turns up that reminds me why I made those assumptions in the first place.

I don't really do Tumblr. I don't understand it, I don't understand what it's FOR, and that annoys me, so I generally keep away from it - although there is now a Reluctant Femme tumblr, just so I have somewhere to push all these posts and my Instagram pictures into the same stream. This distrust/disinterest in Tumblr means I missed the kerfuffle around this particular musician, who used to go by Kitty Pryde but is now apparently just Kitty, because this is meant to make people take her more seriously. Let's have a look at one of her clips and have a little talk about why she pisses me the fuck off.