Monday, January 14, 2013

So, You Have To Wear Makeup - Postscript

Because a couple of people have asked, here are the numbers for the responses I got to my anecdata collection. The question I asked was, "Have you ever been to a successful job interview without makeup on? If so, which industry?"

Out of 35 respondents (give or take, I might have missed a few on Twitter), 4 answered No. They had never been to a successful job interview without makeup, and they all clarified that they had never been to a job interview without any makeup full stop. The industries these women worked in were engineering, advertising, law, and cosmetic retail.

31 answered Yes, they had been to successful job interviews without makeup. Before my statistician friends jump in, I'm aware the way I asked the question created an enormous bias. I factored that into my conclusions :P
The industries these women worked in were surprisingly varied. Here's a brief list, where I've listed (multiple) next to any industry that had more than 2 respondents;

Fast food retail
Factory work
Accountancy Administration
Public Service Administration (multiple)
Call centres
Cosmetic retail
Libraries (multiple) but sample was heavily biased towards ladybrarians)
Banking and Financial Services, eg KPMG (multiple)
Tech Industry Administration
Research assistant/director
NGO Administration
Small business Administration

What are your conclusions from this data?

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  1. I think this makes total sense. Function over asthetics, just like when choosing robots!


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