Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nail Art is Hard, yo - On My Hands

Aussie Nails Christmas Challenge 15/12

I've been reading a lot of blogs to get ideas for mine, and I gotta tell you, there is some INCREDIBLE nail art out there. People who poo-poo the idea of nail polish as art really need to check out the people who can do rubick's cubes and all kinds of crazy shit on a teeny, shiny canvas which is also part of your hand. 

One of the groups I'm a part of on Facebook, Aussie Nails, is doing a special Christmas challenge with a new theme every two days. I got all over excited and put my hand up to join it, because I'm actually fairly good at painting - with normal paint anyway. I've even got experience doing stupidly tiny, fine designs from an amazingly overambitious project I completed recently.

I even still had all the tiny brushes hanging around. "Phsaw!" I thought to myself. "If I can do tiny tiny curls all over that painting with ENAMEL paint, then I can do a nice little Christmas tree design on my nails."
Now this might not surprise everyone, but it turns out I'm full of shit. Here is what I ended up with.

So...yeah. I'm sure you can kind of get the general idea of what I was going for - my idea was to make a gradient that looked like a snow covered Christmas Tree. But it turns out putting green over black makes it extraordinarily difficult to actually show the edge that you've so painstakingly painted, because they just end up looking the same colour. It also turns out sponging glitter over the top is MUCH harder than it looks, if you're not actually aiming for a globby mess.
The polishes I used were Loreal Colour Riche Vernis in Black Swan, Chi Chi in Show Me The Money, and Darling Diva's Bitch Panties, and they were all perfectly fine, so I can't even blame shoddy polish. The Loreal in particular is surprisingly good - the whole range is in mini sized bottles for around six dollars each, which suits me because I often don't want to commit to a full sized bottle if I don't know I'm ever going to use it again. The brush is also nice and wide, and the formula is really smooth. It also dries super shiny, and deals well with clods like me prodding at it to see if it's dry yet. 

So my first nail art attempt - not a resounding success. But hey, I gave it a bash, and I will tackle the next challenge with suitable humility, and perhaps a less ambitious idea.

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    1. Heh, thanks! The colours do go well together, so I think next time I will just do it as a proper gradient instead of messing around trying to make an edge.

  2. You only have to check out Pinterest and look at some of the amazing nail art on there. I have a lot of respect for anyone that can do some crazy ass designs. Keep it up!


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