Monday, December 17, 2012

Life's A Beach - On My Hands

Aussie Nails Christmas Challenge 17/12 - Beach

Now this theme WAS a challenge. I hate the beach. Like, seriously, hate it. All summer my friends try and drag my pale, pasty self to the beach with them, only to be met with wailing and knashing of teeth from me about how I'll burn, it's too sandy, there are too many people, there are THINGS in the water and please PLEAASE don't make me goooo!! I wasn't really sure how to paint despair in a manicure, so I decided to try and emulate the one thing I like about the beach - the ocean.

 I think this turned out MUCH better than my first attempt. Turns out if you're going to do a design, it's best to go all out, because subtlety just gets lost on a canvas so small and shiny. However, I am still absolutely rubbish at keeping my left hand steady, so I went with a much simpler design on my right hand.

And of course, if I'm going to do something summer themed it HAS to feature a Slushie. As soon as it gets hot I start living on these things.

For the left hand I used Revlon Top Speed in Ocean for the base, then drew the "waves" on with Rimmel I "Heart" Lasting Finish in Azure, and Chi Chi Salon Formula in Show Me The Money. I put a dab of OPI in Austin-tatious on the ends of the left nails to try and add some oceanic sparkle, but as before, the results were pretty disappointing. Even putting a whole layer over the right nails didn't really do anything but dull the colour differences. I am SO glad I didn't pay full price for that thing- it is literally good for nothing.

Overall though, I'm really proud of this result. Be sure to check out what the other lovely ladies have made of this theme!


  1. Haha, you sound exactly like me and the beach. :P I'm liking your take on the theme, though. Very pretty.

  2. Thanks :D We hates the beach. We hates it precious, and the vicious daystar.


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