Monday, December 31, 2012

If You Didn't Come To Party...

New Year's Eve will always, and forever be linked in my mind to Prince.

Although, come to think of it, a lot of things come back to Prince for me. Say what you will about the man's eccentricities, he has a fuckton of flair and can write a bass hook like no-one's business. He has been apologetically, unabashedly over the top his entire career, and I find that not only sexy, but inspiring. He does what he wants, wears want he wants, and is damn good at what he does behind all that flash. Eline, the very talented writer of A Fluffy Blog (which you should be reading) did a great roundup of Prince's greatest outfits recently, and I was reminded all over again just how much I love this man's chutzpah. I mean, how can you not admire a man with the sheer nerve to appear on stage in a cloud covered suit with matching cuban heels?

I'm restraining myself to one picture, because
if I start on a Prince Outfit Post then we will
be here all day

Apart from the unforgettable song all about New Year's Eve (Please, go look it up on YouTube if somehow have managed not to hear it), his aggressive self belief is also what ties him to this time of year in my head. Even his most strident fans seem express the opinion publically that he's past his prime, that his newer music isn't as good as his old music, that he's lost his touch. Quite apart from the fact that I think this is absolutely not true (listen to Musicology if you don't believe me), I'm blown away by the fact he doesn't care. Prince is just gonna keep doing what Prince gonna do, and the haters can stroll on over to the left.

Every year, the closest I ever get to a New Year's resolution is a vague desire to be happier, to love more, to be less scared, and to be more courageous. So this year I'm going to pin it right down and put it out there - My new Year's Resolution is to Be Like Prince. And with that in mind, here is my contribution to this week's Aussie Nails Monday.

Aussie Nails Monday - Party

For this manicure I went in with the aim of simply adding more and more and more sparkles until it was literally impossible to add any more. And I think I more or less succeeded. 

To get this effect, I just laid down a good solid base of the Halo Hues, and let it dry for as long as I could stand before sponging the Fascination Street over the top. There are lots of different tutorials around for using sponges to make pretty gradiated effects, but for this one I just painted a stripe of the Fascination Street onto a wedge of kitchen sponge and dabbed it on the top part of the nail until I was happy with it. Then once that was more or less dry, I got my Fantasy Fire and did the exact same thing on the upper third of the nail.

Now if only I had a perfectly tailored holographic suit in a similar gradient to go with it, my life would be complete.

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