Friday, December 28, 2012

Colour Club Halo Hues Review - The goggles, zey do nossink!

You might have noticed by now that I have a terrible weakness for anything excessively sparkly, and the wonders of modern chemistry mean that I have an absolutely staggering array of choices when it comes to bling for my nails. I've already covered Darling Diva's fantastic array of spectraflair wonders, and Cirque's unbearably classy Fascination Street, but today it's all about trashy, tacky, fanastic BLING.
Meet the Color Club Halo Hues.
I got mine from 8ty8 Beauty, on the recommendation of someone in the US. I am guessing if you're also in the US, they are probably your best bet, but their international shipping is simply APPALLING. So if you're stuck on the Continent like me, you should head over to Head2Toe Beauty, who charge the exact same amount for the polishes, but much more reasonable postage.

The ones I ended up choosing after much umming and ahhing were Harp On It and Cloud Nine - in hindsight, I probably should have gone with one of these and one of the stronger colours, since these two look more or less the same on the nail. The following pictures are all Harp On It, but the only discernible difference between this and Cloud Nine is that Cloud Nine has a SLIGHTLY warmer base colour, so the blinding silver looks a TEENY bit more pink.

The formula is lovely - I didn't use anything under it, because it's so jam packed with sparkles there really didn't seem to be any  point. It's a little patchy after one coat, so I used two. You could possibly use three if you really want to burn someone's eyes out, but two is perfectly fine.

I was a little bit disappointed in the lack of rainbow in the holographic effect. Perhaps I've been spoiled by Darling Diva and Cirque, but I was hoping for a fuller spectrum of colours in the reflection. However, it is incredibly, ridiculously shiny. I threatened to do a gradient with my two colours, and my boyfriend immediately insisted I wasn't to go outside with it on because he was concerned I would blind someone.

Sunshine, indirect light
Sunshine, direct light

Inside, artificial light
If this polish and Fascination Street were gems, this would be a diamante and Fascination Street would be a diamond. They're both really shiny, but there is something indefinably cheaper looking about the diamante. The diamond has a richer rainbow reflection, just a few more colours in it.
However, I'm certainly not too proud to turn down a big ol' diamante. There are shinier glitters out there, but quite often there is a lot of skill involved in getting a really full on glitter polish to look good. Ones with chunky glitter need to be dabbed on, ones with tons of glitter need to be soaked off a certain way - it can be tricky, and unless you have the time and energy to sit down and really learn how to do it properly you can get some really, really disappointing results.
But this, like a diamante, is the perfect starting point for any aspiring sparkle junkie. It's so cheap, it's so easy to use, and even better, it cleans up really easily. Go pick one, and blind some civilians for me!


  1. Actually I think the Halo Hues are up the higher end of the holo spectrum compared to a lot of others :)

    Up and at them!!!

  2. There is certainly a very strong holographic effect compared to some of the others I've seen, where you have to wiggle them around in just the right light to get them to sparkle. I was just having a whinge because the range of colours wasn't as wide as I would like.

    Watch out, Radioactive Man!
    (I could keep this up all day)


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