Friday, November 30, 2012

She's My Heroine

I've been reading a lot of blogs, which is largely why I finally got up the guts to start doing this myself. There are so many lovely, talented, hilarious and brilliant women on the internet at the moment that they inspired me to pipe up with my own contribution. I'm adding a blog roll to the side of my layout today, but I thought before I did that I might do a more long winded explanation of why I think these ladies rock. 

(I should probably point out that none of these recommendations are by request, or some sort of link-back arrangement. I just think these are awesome ladies doing awesome things, and I would like more people to know how awesome they are.)

Stuff I Put On Myself
I first became aware of Natalie Dee through her comics - simple, mostly silly, but often deeply dry and funny as hell. So when she started a makeup blog I was naturally happy to follow. Her makeup blog is actually more or less the inspiration for mine - her ballsy way of not mincing words in her reviews convinced me there might be a place for my sort of analysis in between the fluffier, "nicer" bloggers. It's called simply Stuff I Put On Myself, and I think it's a wonderfully refreshing take on beauty. 

Fashion Moriarty

This is an example of the other type of fashion blogging that is informing my goals right now - the kind that jams thinky stuff in between the pretty clothes. To be honest, a lot of the clothes she covers aren't really my thing (mostly because none of it would ever fit me), but I really dig the way she manages to cram some history or philosophy into almost every post. For example, this post is all about the way certain images recur in fashion over the decades, which is the kind of thing I find fascinating. Her blogging has a strong undercurrent of nerd to it, and I just love that.

Lab Muffin

I don't know how many of you read the whole thing, but I actually quoted Michelle quite extensively in my big long post yesterday about toxins in nail polish. Her science posts were what drew me to her blog in the first place - I have a lot of chemistry type questions about beauty products that I just don't have the learnings to answer. She manages to explain relatively complex concepts in such a straightforward way even someone like me, who failed chemistry in high school, can follow it. Quite apart from her delightful brain though, she is also super good at doing nails, and has done some wonderfully creative things with her designs like the ninja stars pictured above.

The Beheld

This blog is super thinky, and very wordy, but absolutely worth reading. Each post is more or less an essay on an aspect of the philosophy of beauty, and I find it endlessly interesting. If you're interested in the deeper meanings behind our interest in beauty, this is the best blog I have come across.

I probably shouldn't be unashamedly fangirlish on the internet where there is a chance they will see it, but I have the most ridiculous crush on garçonnière, the author of this blog right now. She's gorgeous, with style oozing out all over, and looks better in a vintage day suit than anyone I've seen since 1930. She's also passionate, well-read, and very clever, and that is just a KILLER combination for me. She's read all the books I wish I had time to read, and moreover, has actually understood them. Anyway, if you've always had a thing for Dorothy Parker, you should check this lovely lady out. 

Work It, Own It, Use It!

When you read as much serious, overly thinky stuff as I do, it's important to keep in mind this blogging/fashion/femme/life thing is supposed to be FUN. And no-one does fun like Miss Evie! All her pictures convey the sense of a woman having the time of her life, and her posts always make me smile. My only complaint is that I wish she posted more often, but I am going to go ahead and assume that unlike me, she actually has a life outside the internet.

So that's my recommendation list for the moment, although I'm sure there will be more to come!


  1. Looking forward to great things from you!


    1. Assuming I ever get more than ten people reading this thing ;)
      Thank you though, I really appreciate the support of someone as successful in the blogosphere as you :)

  2. Thanks, I really appreciate your lovely opinion of me, and hope it's well deserved xx

  3. You're welcome! I figure if I express my appreciation for your science posts, there might be more of them, so my motives are actually pretty self interested :)

  4. thank you so much for your kind words!

    1. You're most welcome. I hope you keep doing the awesome things you do :)


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