Wednesday, November 21, 2012

OPI, Revlon, Rimmel Review - The Dissapointing Date Manicure

After the last post, I felt like it was time for something a little more lighthearted. And so, I bring you my own creation, the Disappointing Date Manicure!
This manicure is made up of three different polishes - Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel in Ocean, OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise, and Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish in Azure.

So why is this called the Disappointing Date Manicure? The thing about these polishes, is that only one of them really comes out on the nail the way the bottle promises. The others are....well, I'll show you pictures.

This is the Revlon Top Speed. You'll have to forgive the slight blurriness of the photos - I'm still getting the hand of taking pictures of my hands. Revlon was the first company to sell modern nail polish, and they have the whole thing down pat at this point. They're not amazing, but they're good, reliable (as in every colour, of every range, goes on exactly the same), and you can get them anywhere for a reasonable amount of money. Plus, what you get when you use it is actually what you expect from how the bottle looks - a rarity with nail polish, as I am sadly learning.

This is the Rimmel I "heart" Long Lasting blah blah good LORD is that a bad name for a product. I specifically bought this one to go with the Revlon, because I wanted to be able to make it a bit bluer without covering the shiny. From my terrible experiences with Rimmel eyeshadows (that had so little pigment in them I had to virtually grind them into my eyesockets to get any colour to show up) I figured this would probably be pretty short on actual colour pigment, but that would work just fine for my purposes. It's actually a little more colourful than I expected, but you can still see through it at two coats. It's also CRAZY runny, so you have to put it on really carefully if you want the colour to come out in any way even, and not like you've taken a marker to your nails.
BUT it's stupid cheap, and available at virtually any chemist. So there's that.

This one was the real let-down of the trio - I picked up this bad boy because it looked SO damn pretty on the shelf, but once it got on my nail...bleh. It's totally see through, it's not nearly as shiny as I thought it would be, and there is none of the tantalising blue-purple sheen you see in the bottle. In summary, it brought very little to the table.

Let me describe for you how I came up with the idea for this layering by telling you a story.

Let's imagine, that the Revlon polish a girl. A girl who's not too flashy, but gets things done, and what you see is what you get. (Plus, it's cheap and easy to get - har har). Feel free to go ahead and imagine me dancing the bottles around like a kid with action figures, because that is totally what I am doing in my head.
Let's imagine Revlon goes out to a bar one night, and across the crowd she sees OPI. She wanders over and starts talking to him, because DAMN he is pretty. He's dressed nicely, and his friends are eager to tell her what a great guy he is. Revlon isn't really sure there's anything inside that shiny exterior, but he's so pretty, and he's right there, and the cab would be like, ten bucks, so she takes him home.
Once she gets him home though, she opens his lid and looks down and...has to shut her mouth very, very quickly lest she let the thought, "But you're so tall!" slip out and ruin everything. It's not...bad. It's just not exactly what she was expecting. I mean, it'll do. But she was hoping for...more.

So what does Revlon do? Does she kick OPI out? But she's already spent all this time talking to him, not to mention the ten bucks on the cab. Revlon is clever - Revlon knows how to make the best of this situation.
"I have a friend, Rimmel" she says. "A cab here would only cost maybe five bucks, and he's always available. I think he would really help make this a night to remember. Do you mind if I call him over to join us?"
"Of course!" says OPI, because he's an adventurous, open minded guy.
You see, there are some nail polishes that you wouldn't want to put with others - it would just ruin the whole experience. Some are totally satisfying all on their own. But sometimes you can get one good polish, and two polishes that are only okay together, and suddenly BAM!!

Awwwwww yeah. That's the stuff. There's variety, there's depth, there's sparks, and if you take it outside it's even better.

Just remember, when playing with new nail polishes always use protection - a good base coat will make sure you can have your fun without any nasty surprises hanging around once you're done.


  1. Hello! I just recieved your "late to the party" comment regarding feminist fashion bloggers. Well since the post a group formed, under that name- you should join it- I believe its on hiatus, but its there with some great bloggers folks! If you are over 40 years of age, I'd love to add you to my +40 blogroll- it gets great traffic and has built up an amazing community. -Bella Q the Citizen Rosebud

  2. Darn, I'm eight years too young for your +40 blogroll :( I'll be sure to go and look up the feminist bloggers group though! Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I too have been left unsatisfied by the performance of that particular OPI shade, If only I had the other 2 playmates to help it along!!


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